Dogs love their masters unconditionally

What made us love an animal with such intensity

Last update: 17 September, 2020

Famed psychiatrist Sigmund Freud said that the reasons that would have made us love an animal so much and with such intensity would be understood if we were careful that his love is an unequivocal affection.

The relationship we have with animals is freed from the intolerable conflicts of culture. Freud was also right when he said that "Dogs do not have the split personality, the evil of civilized man, or man's vengeance on society for the limitations that come with it".

It is not for nothing that Freud asserted with certainty that a dog would have the beauty of a complete existence in itself and that despite all the differences in organic development, there is a feeling of intimate affinity, of undeniable solidarity.

“Much more pleasant are the simple and direct emotions of a dog when he is wagging his tail for pleasure or barking in disapproval. He reminds us of the heroes of history and that is why many dogs are baptized with the names of these heroes. "

Sigmund Freud

It is a fraud in life that a dog lives an average of 12 years

It is said that it is a fraud in life that a dog or cat live an average of 12 years. Perhaps this applies to the intensity of the pain, the loss of the ability to continue to share life with a four-legged being, because loving an animal that we spend our time with is a small treat.

The truth is, when we stand next to them and look at them with tenderness and love, we realize that time is passing. The feeling of Tempus fugit we perceive when we feel her heart beating under our hands with every caress. The contrast arises, however, when with every greeting and every time we share the feeling that their love is infinite.

Your superpowers, weapons of great quality

We lovingly think that our beloved animals had innumerable superpowers that made them special and who filled us with reasons that led us to love her with such intensity. Therefore, when we make a mental list of everything that surprises us about them, we cannot stop smiling.

Loving an animal surprises us and touches its ability to predict the future or to feel us when we get home, its telekinetic power to get what it wants, its empathy and its ability to adjust to our emotional state and provide comfort and energy ...

All of us who share life with animals proudly express their ability and ability to return the adoration they have for us.

also there are few things that compare to the pain of leaving them at home alone when we go to work. Her pleading eyes fill us with sadness, but her joy at our return floods us with happiness.

Animals are undoubtedly the best therapist for many people. Their generosity and kindness know no bounds. That is why part of our soul sleeps until we love an animal. In our soul, a part is reserved for loving an animal, for enjoying its unconditional love and lessons.

Because if you have a dog or a cat, the statement, “Nobody will ever love you more than yourself” becomes unreal and insignificant. Because the animals are the true masters of love and because every second by their side is a priceless gift. Because loving an animal is one of the most beautiful experiences in the world. Whoever tried knows that.

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