What do neoconservatives think of Donald Trump

The calculating Trump opponent

Liz Cheney has made the grand gesture and has calculated that one day she will be rewarded for it. "I will prevent Donald Trump from ever coming near the White House again," she announced on Wednesday. At that time she was removed from her post as group leader. The oral vote in the Republican parliamentary group lasted only 16 minutes.

It was the preliminary climax of the previous campaign against the deputy from Wyoming, who in recent weeks and months had repeatedly opposed the "big lie" that there had been massive electoral fraud to the detriment of Donald Trump in the US election. After storming the Capitol in early 2021, the trained lawyer was one of only ten Republicans to vote for Donald Trump's second impeachment.

In February, an application to vote out number three in the party had just failed. Already towards the end of the Trump presidency, Cheney - who also presented herself this week as a principled conservative - had repeatedly criticized her roots as a neoconservative foreign politician in accordance with Trump's policies. Her family name - her father Dick Cheney was Vice-President under George W. Bush from 2001 to 2009, is immortalized on film as a diabolical puller in the background - has weight in conservative circles and for a long time allowed her a certain independence in a party that was in has subjected Trump more and more completely over the past few months and years.

Now Trumpists want to take away her parliamentary mandate in the 2022 mid-term election by calling for a pre-election challenge. Cheney's bellicose answer: "Give it a try." The calculation of the regime change politician, who worked in various positions in the US State Department under George Bush, is that the Republican Party will come to its senses before 2022 and will no longer allow itself to be determined by Donald Trump and will recognize that Trump is more of an electoral burden than Help and she can then head a reformed party.

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The hope for it is also the reason why liberal journalists are now hyping her up as the heroic defender of democracy - not only in the USA. The reality is much more mundane. The result of the vote shows: At least for the time being, Trumpism has the party firmly under control. Establishment representatives like Cheney can only survive politically if they don't openly oppose the ex-president.

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