How rich is Santa Claus

Navigating the realm of possibilities: Be your own Santa Claus.
Santa Claus is also a symbol of having wishes come true without having to do anything on your own. But those who only wait for miracles can be compared to the man who stops the clock to save time. Peter Grimm encourages you to be your own Santa Claus and not to deceive yourself. Because what life wants to do for us, it can only do through us.
If we do this with passion, "Invisible Hands" accompany us in the form of beneficial events and helpful people. Suddenly new chances and possibilities appear "by chance". Liberating success from chance means setting off, moving and breaking out of comfort zones shaped by the power of habit.
Peter Grimm moved. And how. Growing up without parents in a children's home, he was involved in a very unloved profession for which he had as much talent as a snail to a racehorse. But his new beginnings made him one of the most sought-after consultants for systemic success development and his customer list read like a who's who of German business. The associated findings were and are groundbreaking in many ways.
It is not a book for know-it-alls and theorists. People and companies who want to get ahead will enjoy the book a lot. The description of important events and stations in his life are sincere and authentic. The knowledge gained from this is told in an understandable and comprehensible manner.
Criticism ... a lot of people will enjoy the book a lot. It's sincere and authentic. If you were dissatisfied, you changed the situation - or created a new one. An important reason for your significant creative power. One can only congratulate on this exciting book.
(Hans Georg Joachim - member of the Co-Create board and ex-board member Bosch-Rexroth)
... with the "background parts" I also like the book as a "scientific work", ... because I asked myself all these questions, but never tried so intensively to find patterns, connections and "system" To formulate as grandiose as you have now managed to do on this excitingly high level. The book is life, is muscle, is mind and brain ...
(Dieter Krämer - Ex-Würth Management Conference)
... a book that reveals potential for one's own path. Seeing everything differently or in a new way led to an impressive life's work. It should be required reading for all business owners, executives, and salespeople.
(Ilona Hoff - medi bayreuth)
... the book is a wonderful mix of private experience and professional departure with an ingenious background. And all of this in a beautiful narrative style that comes from the heart with "goose bumps".
(Regina Wagner - Realiving Berlin) more