How was Karna defeated

Chapter 135 - Dhritarashtra's Lament

Then Dhritarashtra exclaimed:
Fate is almighty! And all personal effort is useless if the resolute struggle Karna could not defeat the Bhima. Karna always boasted of his skill, that he could defeat all Pandavas and Govinda in battle. And nowhere did I see a warrior like Karna. How often have I heard Duryodhana speak in the same way. Oh Sanjaya, Duryodhana has assured me: “Karna is a formidable hero, a staunch archer and beyond exhaustion. If I have him as an ally, then not even the gods are my equal. What should I then say about the Pandavas, these weak and heartless men? ”- What did Duryodhana do when he saw that Karna, like a snake that had been fangled, fled the battlefield, defeated? Oh, how unreasonable of him to send the inexperienced Durmukha off all alone! In the fierce battle he was just an insect that stumbled into the flame. Oh Sanjaya, Aswatthaman, the ruler of Madras and Kripa together cannot stand against Bhima. Even they know the terrible power of Bhima, which is like that of a thousand elephants, his energy of Maruta himself (the storm god) and his cruel determination. Why should these wise warriors stir up Bhima's wrath, this warrior who is like the yama at the end of the yugas? It seems to me that only Karna trusted the strength of his arms so much that he ignored Bhima's power and dared to fight with him. The son of Pandu defeated Karna as Indra defeated the Asura, and no one can defeat him. Where is the hero who, hoping for survival, attacks this Bhima on the trail of Arjuna? He even overran Drona. Yes tell me, oh Sanjaya, who dares to face Bhima? Which asura would oppose the great Indra with thunderbolt raised? A man from the kingdom of Yama may return. But no one returns from a battle with Bhima. All the men who stormed Bhima without reason or heroism were like moths throwing themselves into the blazing fire. He no doubt remembered what he said in the Kurus congregation that he was going to kill my sons. And if Dushasana and his brothers saw Karna defeat, then for fear of Bhima they certainly did not dare to fight. All of my sons, who have always boasted: “Karna, Dushasana and I will extinguish all Pandavas!”, They will now feel sorrow and grief because they asked Krishna (for peace) have refused. Oh, when Duryodhana sees his brothers killed by Bhima, he will grieve at his error. No one who loves life will come closer to the wrathful, blazing Bhima when he raises his hideous weapons, for he is death itself. Perhaps the jaws of the Vadava fire can be better approached (at the end of the world) flee than the fighting Bhima. Neither he, nor Arjuna, the Panchalas, Krishna or Satyaki fear for their lives in battle. Alas, oh Sanjaya, my sons are all in mortal danger!

Death of Durmarshana, Duhsaha, Durmada, Durdhara and Jaya

Sanjaya replied:
You, oh Kaurava, complain about the current plight and are the cause of the destruction of this world. Obedient to your sons, you evoked enmity and nourished them. Though good friends advised you, you have pushed right medicine back like a man destined to die. Oh dear man, you drank the worst and most indigestible poison. Now live with the consequences. The warriors fight to the best of your ability, but you speak ill of them. So keep hearing me tell you the battle.

When Karna was defeated again, your five sons Durmarshana, Duhsaha, Durmada, Durdhara and Jaya could not bear this calmly. Wrapped in their armor, they attacked Bhima courageously, surrounded him on all sides and covered him with their arrows, which looked like a swarm of locusts. Bhima smiled and greeted the suddenly rushing warriors. And Karna also turned around when he saw how your sons threw themselves at Bhima, and shot gold-winged and pointed arrows at Bhima. But Bhima confronted Karna and your sons at the same time, who tried together to stop him with heavy showers of arrows. Without much effort Bhima shot twenty-five arrows from his excellent bow, and with them sent your sons, these bulls among men, with horses and charioteers to the kingdom of Yamas. The lifeless bodies fell from their wagons like stately, storm-felled trees. And Bhima's heroism was incredible because while he was beating your sons, he was also resisting the great warrior Karna at the same time. He could only watch Bhima because his sharpened arrows kept him in check. And Bhima, too, glared at Karna with red-angry eyes like lightning, while he drew his mighty bow.