How do I paint interior walls

How do I paint the wall with gradient patterns?

A quart usually covers ~ 100 sq. Feet. A pint, or 8 ounces per color, should do the trick. Pints ​​in a large store are less than $ 5, and one store appears to have a 50% sale of these sizes.

To find other people's work, google search for: mountain face mural layered. As you compare, try to identify certain aspects of the ones that you like in order to make them work so well. In relation to these murals, also consider your floor color, furniture colors, etc. This will help in assessing whether you are tinting with white or getting the store to mix each tint.

Print out a color image of a mural of your choice (take the urls to Kinkos or Staples or a photo shop and ask them to print it out to match), take the print to the paint shop and look for matching swatches.

Here is a blog post describing the tint:

Here are very detailed step-by-step instructions including wine and a photo with all the color chips with codes:

Your person wrote a blog post about their process:

Here are time-lapse videos that show how different people behave similarly: