Why did CN Real fail

Failure of the Super League: Small victory for the football romantics

The latest statements by the football rebels sounded like low-key confessions. They had nothing but a declaration of war on the existing establishment in the night from Sunday to Monday in the world - and now this: "In view of the current circumstances, we will reconsider the most appropriate steps to redesign the project," it said on Wednesday in a statement from the multi-billion dollar Super League. "We are proposing a new European competition because the existing system is not working."

However, the main drivers of the elite league already planned for August around Real Madrid boss Florentino PĂ©rez have to come up with a lot in the noble implementation of their questionable plans. Because the field of participants has shrunk a lot and will probably cause the project to fail before it has even started. There were just around 50 hours between the bang announced with great fanfare and the decline of the Super League. Seldom before has a reform in football been cashed in so quickly.

After all the founding members from England had already canceled their participation on Tuesday evening, co-initiator Andrea Agnelli also gave in on Wednesday afternoon. He no longer sees a chance for the Super League in European football, said the President of Juventus Turin.

Pathetic external image

For the clubs involved, which with the introduction of the league, in particular, identified an immense source of income during the corona pandemic, a considerable damage to their image has arisen from which they will have to suffer for a while. In addition to the wretched public image, there is the impression that there are greedy functionaries who now want to eliminate the mismanagement that had been carried out in their clubs for years, with one blow, over and above all fan interests.

FC Barcelona alone, one of the founding clubs, is now accumulating a mountain of debt of more than 1.17 billion euros and is in danger of crumbling into its individual parts. The Super League solution with guaranteed income of 3.5 billion euros per year for the starters has now expired as a new source of income. It is difficult to accept that the financing bank JP Morgan should maintain its investment when the noble clubs of Europe are no longer represented, but a wildly assembled field of participants. At WELT's request, JP Morgan did not want to comment on the events.