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HP printers: problems and errors that you can fix yourself

Should be yours HP printer problems we have very good news for you. Not every mistake means that your printer belongs in the hands of a manufacturer's service technician or independent repairer to get it printing again. Often the HP printer failed caused by little things that you with our following Printer tips get to grips with it yourself quickly.

Before you go through the individual tips for various printer problems with your HP device, please check whether your printer is at all electricity is supplied.

Tip 1: HP printers seem to have problems with Office

Are you wondering why we speak of "apparent" problems? The reason is quite simple: When printing jobs from Office programs, many users simply click the "Print" button too quickly. You always have to wait there for Office to receive the Printer operational readiness checked Has. A green tick then appears next to the printer you selected. The "Print" button is only active when the check mark is displayed. If you click beforehand, the Office programs will not pass the print job on to the operating system's print service and your (HP) printer seems to be causing printer problems.

Of course, the described Office problem occurs with devices from all printer manufacturers.

Tip 2: The fault with the HP printer lies in your selection

Do you operate on your computer

  • multiple local printers or
  • can also access network printers?

Then it could be yours Printer selection incorrect and you gave your operating system the command to send the print job to the wrong printer. Before you continue troubleshooting, check to see if one of the other printers on the network has printed out your desired documents.

Have you selected the printer you want, but it doesn't print, delete the print job in the device manager for troubleshooting Control Panel and start it again after activating the correct HP printer.

That is how it goes:

  • Click the “Start” button.
  • Click on "Devices and Printers".
  • Click the printer icon. You come to the printer queue.
  • There you will find the counted print jobs, e.g. B. "2 print jobs". Click on it.
  • Click with the right mouse button on the desired print job, select "Cancel" and confirm.
  • Finished!

Note:If these step-by-step instructions don't help, have a look Video from tip 3 to do this!

Tip 3: The print job is stuck in the print queue

Often times, when your HP printer is having problems, the cause is stuck jobs in the printer queue. You should keep this in mind if your HP printer has also been shared with other users on a network. Another user may have submitted a faulty print job that the printer could not print. Then your print job will also stay in the queue for as long faulty print jobs not deleted were.

Such print jobs can be deleted via the device manager of the system settings. Please note that you may have to carry out this process (depending on the configuration of the network) on the host computer responsible for the network printer instead of on your computer.

If it is not a print job you have placed, the person concerned will be happy to hear that you had to remove their print file from the print queue.

The following video shows you how to get to the printer queue in Windows 10 and manage it and also how you can cancel all print jobs:

Tip 4: Operating system did not recognize the printer correctly

Most printers today have “plug and play” capabilities. However, you cannot always rely on the automatic detection and installation of the drivers. Whether this is done depends on the configuration of your computer and the operating system as well as how up-to-date the libraries of your operating system are.

Different problem treatments can bring the solution:

  • Sometimes it is enough to restart the printer to provoke correct detection.
  • Even restarting the computer with the printer switched on could do a lot Problem recognizing the HP printer to solve.
  • If that doesn't help, you have to manually register the printer via the device manager in the control panel and possibly also the Manually install the driver after downloading it from the HP support site.

Tip 5: is the problem with the HP printer communicating with the PC?

If errors occur with the HP printer, you should use the Cable connections for data transmission check. Already a minimal Slipped USB connector interrupts communication between your computer and your printer or multifunction device. This also applies to network plugs and plugs for the printer port.

If the HP printer is attached to the router's network port or USB port, also take a look at the correct seating of the cables used there. If the operating system's print service cannot send print jobs to the HP printer, Windows will display the printer icon in the notification area of ​​the start bar in the lower right corner.

Tip 6: Special features when communicating via WLAN

  • If you address your HP printer via WiFi, you should see if that WLAN module of the computer active is.
  • In addition, the wireless router that connects your computer to the printer must of course also be operational.
  • If the problem with the HP printer occurs the first time you try to contact via WiFi, the distance between your computer and the router may be too great.
  • A possible one Exceeding the maximum range of the WLAN adapter you should also think if the error shows up for the first time after changing the location of the router or the computer.

Extra tip:With us you can read how to set up a wireless printer. We also describe various problems that can occur and which problem-solving solutions help if the wireless printer and the associated devices do not work.

Tip 7: Print service as a cause of problems with the HP printer

Did your operating system not start the print service when the computer started? Even then, it can appear to you as if your HP printer or HP multifunction device is on strike.

The print service is required as an interface between the individual programs and the printer. If it is not active, they can Programs do not have contact with the printer manufacture and of course he does not print.

The quickest way to find out whether the print service has started is via the Windows Task manager, which you can call with the key combination "Ctrl" + "Alt" + "Del". There you go to the tab "services"And look for an application named"Spooler"Or"Spooler subsystem". With a right click of the mouse you can find the Start the Windows print service.

Extra tip:You can find out how to fix spooler problems in our linked guide.

Tip 8: Errors in the HP printer could result from a lack of rights

Having trouble with an HP printer that has been set up as a network printer? Then it would be possible for you to be the administrator of the network no rights to use the HP network printer assigned. In this case you have to contact the administrator so that he can assign the rights or even the complete Network share of the printer can catch up. Only then can you use your device for printing without any problems.

Another source of error is the rights management on your computer. This would be possible if several users with different rights were created on your computer. In this case, too, the administrator of the computer can quickly help you with a few clicks of the mouse and end the problems with the HP printer.

Tip 9: continue troubleshooting the printer itself

So far we have looked at the errors that are not caused by the HP printer when it is not printing. This is exactly where we are going to continue:

  • For example, if your HP printer is causing problems Maintenance hatches not closed correctly be the cause.
  • So take a look at all the flaps and also keep them in mind Paper cassettes with a scrutinizing look.
  • Should your printer have a Duplexer this unit must also snap into the slot provided for it so that your HP printer is ready for use.

Check that these elements are properly seated and test that your HP printer is (re) printing.

Tip 10: The problem with the HP printer lies in the cartridge detection

Did you buy and use alternative ink cartridges (third-party cartridges) or environmentally friendly refill cartridges (refilled, refurbished original ink cartridges) before your HP printer caused problems? In this case, a Cartridge detection error are present.

HP recommends a very simple procedure to do this:
Turn on your printer and wait for it to go through all the preparations. Then you unplug the power cord and plug it in again after a minute at the earliest.

HP calls this practice Reset the printer. The cartridge recognition starts again. Normally it should work again with third-party cartridges or refill cartridges.

Extra tip:The manufacturer HP is known for trying to exclude third-party cartridges via firmware updates, i.e. via updates to the printer software, so that they can sell their expensive original new cartridges. To avoid this problem with your HP device, you can disable automatic firmware updates for your HP printer. You can find out how this works in the linked guide. You can read more information about the automatic updates and possible consequences for various HP printer model series such as the HP Officejet here.

Tip 11: Are the cartridges correctly seated in the holders?

The HP printer outputs an error even if you have the Ink cartridges are not properly seated when inserted has.

To solve this, take them out one more time and put them back in again. When it clicks into place, you can hear a click and usually feel a small jerk. Please check your HP printer at the same time that you do not have any Ink cartridge inserted in the wrong slot has. All you need to do is compare the colored markings on the printing carriage with the colored dots on the cartridges.

Please note that your HP printer will cause problems even if you have the cartridges with you Confused photo black and text black has.

Note:Remember, third-party cartridges are imitation printer cartridges - mostly imported from China or Asia - which can be of inferior quality. Correspondingly, there may be problems with the correct locking into the carriage.

Tip 12: is an ink cartridge empty?

Many users are surprised that even b / w documents are no longer printed when one of the cartridges with the colors magenta, yellow or cyan is empty. The printer control always observes the Fill level in all ink cartridges. So you have no other solution than to replace the empty cartridge with a new ink cartridge.

At this point we would like to give you a tip that is not directly related to Troubleshooting the HP printer belongs. If you high quality, cheap and environmentally friendly want to print at the same time, buy good refill ink cartridges. Our SUPER CARTRIDGES are responsibly recycled in Germany and consist of originals. Until you got to you, they did not have a “half-world trip” in cargo planes, which pollute the environment with their exhaust gases.

Tip 13: Have you carefully unpacked the cartridges for the HP printer?

This question sounds very banal, but quite a few owners of an HP printer have looked for a bug and haven't found it. Only not all transport locks on the ink cartridges removed.

If your HP printer has problems after installing a new cartridge, remove the ink cartridge again. Check that you have removed all of the adhesive tape that was part of the transport protection. Even a small snippet on the hole for pressure compensation inside the cartridge is enough for the ink cartridge to refuse to work. This tip applies equally to original new cartridges, third-party cartridges and refill cartridges.

Tip 14: check the compatibility of the cartridges!

“Wherever work is carried out, mistakes can also happen.” - This is a German saying that applies to you as well as to those who manufacture and trade the ink cartridges for your HP printer. But an accident can also have happened to you:

  • First check whether you have a Error purchasing compatible cartridges has happened. Check the packaging carefully to see whether your printer model appears in the compatibility information. If that is not the case, you cannot avoid buying a new one.
  • A Error in declaration of compatibility is also possible. This means that the printer cartridge is not suitable for the HP printer model, despite the lettering on the packaging. (Of course, this can also happen with cartridges from other manufacturers in exceptional cases.)

Take the new cartridge out of the printer and compare the individual elements with those of your old cartridge. If there are any differences, you will likely have to buy a new and suitable ink cartridge. Please note that if there is a lack of compatibility, there are not always components that prevent the wrong cartridges from being inserted into the printer. If, contrary to expectations, you have such problems with one of our SUPER CARTRIDGES for HP, contact our support. If necessary, we can easily exchange it.

Tip 15: Does a dirty printhead cause problems for the HP printer?

If you haven't printed in a long time, you might Ink dried up on the printhead and clog the tiny nozzles. If you use an HP printer, you have an advantage, because Hewlett Packard prefers a design in which the print head sits on the ink cartridge. These cartridges are therefore also called printhead cartridges.

(Print head) cartridges with ink can dry up. How you can solve this problem and have a good chance of using the cartridge after all can be found in the linked guide "Printer cartridge dried up".

If your HP printer has a separate printhead has built in, you can Clean the printheadby removing the cartridge. You can then loosen the dried ink and other dirt with a lint-free cloth that you have previously moistened with a little distilled water. You can find more information and practical help via the linked guide.

Tip 16: The error is in the residual ink tank

If the The remaining ink tank is full, you will get smeared printouts first. Later on, your HP printer may go on strike altogether. The name of the component reveals its function exactly: it collects excess ink, which is used, for example, for the automatic print head cleaning of the printing system.

Many HP models have a Replacing the remaining ink tank not possible. If you have an older model, you can help yourself.

On some models, the residual ink tank is accessible via a maintenance flap on the left side of the device. This maintenance flap of the devices is actually intended to remove foreign bodies in the paper transport. You can also remove the entire component with the residual ink tank through this flap. After loosening four locking screws, it is possible to remove the ones located in them Remove sponges and replace them with new ones.

Alternatively, you can use the Wash out the ink sponges and put back in after drying. Be careful, however, so that you do not damage any printer components with the metal clamps. You should also be aware of the fact that this is a GTC unauthorized user intervention which ends the printer warranty.

Note: If you decide to undergo this procedure (which is not permitted by the manufacturer and is relevant for the guarantee), wear old clothing and disposable gloves and proceed carefully. The ink from the sponges is highly pigmented and is difficult to remove from textiles and some surfaces. If a mishap does happen, you will find valuable cleaning tips in the guide "Remove ink - so no stains are left".

Tip 17: Specific problems with the HP laser printer

  • Of course, your HP laser printer produces errors when one Toner cartridge empty or it is not correctly seated in the holder. So you should check the toner level and the position of the toner before looking for the cause of the problem elsewhere.
  • We have already pointed out that the wrong toner been bought or his declaration could be faulty from the manufacturer's side.Check both if you are unsure.
  • If your printouts are faint or streaked, could Image drum components are dirty be. There is a slider on the top especially for this purpose. He moves a brush that wipes off the dirt.
  • Faded prints can also do this Image drum end of life Show. Then you have to replace them. Rebuilt drums are now available for many HP laser printers. They'll save you money and do the environment a huge favor. By the way, our rebuilt drums for HP printers come from reconditioning in Germany. They don't have to travel thousands of miles before you can plug them into your printer.

Tip 18: Also think about mundane problems with your HP printer!

  • Could it be that you've been printing a lot lately? Would it be possible that the Paper supply used up is?
  • Please consider the special problems that can arise when loading from a paper cassette. Often they can Systems for transporting the last sheets of paper not grab. So make sure to always have a small stack of paper on hand in the cassette.
  • Another “tiny thing” lurks in the cartridge that can cause problems with your HP printer. These are the slider for Fixation of the paper stack. Did you press them too close to the paper? Then they hold the sheets so tight that the transport rollers cannot pull them out of the cassette.

Extra tip: If your printer isn't picking up paper, you can probably find out and solve the problem with our 15 tips.

Tip 19: Did you buy unsuitable printer paper?

The printer's transport systems are optimized for certain types and thicknesses of printer paper. You can find out which variants this includes in the technical specifications of your HP printer in order to avoid printer problems:

  • Printer paper that is too thin or too thick causes problems especially when processing from the cassette.
  • Many types of Special paper you can only process with an HP printer in the single sheet feeder.
  • You also have to make sure that you coated printer paper not the wrong way round insert. If that happens, you will get crooked printouts or the transport systems will not be able to pull it in at all.

Tip 20: More errors that do not only occur with an HP printer

  • If a laser printer goes on strike, it could be that the Toner in the cartridge has become damp is. If you have stored the toner in a cold room, you have to put the replacement cartridge in the vicinity of your printer at an early stage so that it can adjust its temperature and no condensation occurs. Otherwise you risk in damp rooms Short circuits in the printer due to condensation. The temperature adjustment also applies to replacement drums and ink cartridges.
  • Do you use damp printer paper, a laser printer gives you wavy printouts and an inkjet printer gives you blurred documents.
  • Paper feed problems can also occur static charges cause. Therefore, always leaf through the stack of paper as a precaution before loading it into the printer.

Tip 21: Useful tool for problems with the HP printer

Hewlett Packard is one of the printer manufacturers that own a Troubleshooting tool to offer. However, it is only available for computers with the Windows operating system. This tool is called "HP Print and Scan Doctor for Windows"And is available for download on the HP support page. This tool has a decisive advantage, because it offers you troubleshooting instructions, some of which include some special features of your specific printer model or the series of your multifunctional device.

The following video from HP describes HP's proprietary help tool for troubleshooting HP devices:


If your HP printer is giving you problems and not printing, in many cases it is due to the Print Settings or Network Settings.

Other errors are caused by small Breakdowns when using the programs or the printer caused. Small mix-ups can cause your printer to go on strike completely.

Real Hardware defects only make up a small fraction of the causes of errors. Therefore troubleshooting is worthwhile.

With our Tips for troubleshooting your HP printer you should be able to find most problems and fix them yourself.

If your HP printer does not print or your HP printer is displayed offline, take a look at our other guides on printers from the manufacturer!

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