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528001 This is the last attempt of the terminally ill patient to defeat his disease, which has attacked the entire body ..528002 This is unfair to the league because afterwards there are disappointed players or players who suddenly feel pure adrenaline with enthusiasm.528003 "That is the next logical step."528004 "That's the reward for hard work," says Martin Harnik, who has been part of the red-white-red party since 2007.528005 This is the Mac Pro 8-core Intel Xeon.528006 This is the man who "dives" into the muscle So far, Munich has never made it into the next round in the European Cup if they lost their first game away by two goals.528007 The team has not always succeeded in doing this in recent years.528008 That's the market.528009 This is so absurd that it has to be seen as a TARGETED DEALING of the people.528010 That is the person, because the lambs are more important for HIM.528011 That is the abuse of one's own political position for one's own economic interests. "528012 "This is by far the best-dressed player, he even outperformed our president - and that means something," says Sparwasser, and he is right.528013 This is by far the highest value of 2015.528014 "This is the moment that investors are actually always waiting for," he said, "funded professionally".528015 That is the moment, the only moment in which a clear, firm, consistent "never" still achieves something.528016 That is the moment when the Chancellor arrives.528017 That's when the truth comes to the table. "528018 "That is the moment when you feel whether you really want this."528019 This is the MX Award The Manufacturing Excellence initiative aims to promote the exchange between science and companies - with the aim of strengthening Germany as a production location.528020 This is the myth that made the Amazon shopping portal great.528021 This is the next war that Elias fears - and for which he hopes for the miracles of St. Mary.528022 That is the disadvantage of specializing in one subject, especially in analyst circles.528023 This is the disadvantage when one system consists of copies of tiny parts when another system corrupts the mechanism of these tiny parts.528024 This is the name that will appear on faxes.528025 This is the name of a refugee baby who was born on a ship off the coast of Libya in August.528026 This is the name of my mother, an Italian from Limana, north of Venice.528027 That's Nazism.528028 This is the new one, too, plus it is ultra-agile and practical - but that doesn't make up for many of the quirks.528029 This is the new benchmark to be beaten.528030 This is the new Ford GT This is the new Ford GT More than 600 hp of concentrated power: Ford presented its new GT super sports car at the Detroit Auto Show.528031 This is the new Gashi record game 20 years ago 276 penalty minutes between Rappi and Lausanne beat loser from st.gallen yesterday, 5:10 p.m. Here it is typical to see that this guy has no decency and respect.528032 This is the new Gashi record game 20 years ago 276 penalty minutes between Rappi and Lausanne Enri Co yesterday, 6:00 p.m. But it is not the case that they play in Liverpool for CHF 2.50 ..528033 This is the new Gashi record game 20 years ago 276 penalty minutes between Rappi and Lausanne What do you think?528034 This is the new Honda NSX Japanese rely on a V6 petrol engine and three (!) Electric motors.528035 This is the new club of Mainz star Johannes Geis Cech from Chelsea to Arsenal 09:48 am: After eleven years at Chelsea, the Czech national football goalkeeper Petr Cech is facing a move to Premier League rivals Arsenal.528036 This is the latest addition to the Swiss- ..528037 That is the Lower Rhine suspicion.528038 This is the lowest closing price of the German benchmark index since October 22nd.528039 This is the lowest level since April.528040 This is the lowest level since December.528041 This is the lowest level since May 2008.528042 This is the lowest level since March 1960.528043 This is the lowest level since March 2009.528044 This is the lowest level since November 2014.528045 This is the lowest level in two and a half years and the highest level in a European comparison (EU average: 21.6 percent).528046 This is the lowest value for March in 24 years.528047 "That is the lowest value in 20 years," says E-Control boss Walter Boltz.528048 That is the lowest value in half a year.528049 This is the lowest value in two years.528050 This is normal wire-less shrinkage Feb 15, 2015 when people are forced to review their old contracts.528051 This is the normal case.528052 This is the normal case; What is remarkable, however, are the few attitudes that suggest how 3D could one day become an art tool.528053 This is the normal case that applies to 80-90% of the population.528054 This is the top cracker and.528055 This is the public part of the creed.528056 This is the official name for the Tuesday on which we celebrate Mardi Gras or Carnival.528057 This can be found on the official website of the racing simulation.528058 This is the official language. "528059 This is the regulatory framework that Germany and the monetary union need.528060 But that's not enough for the organization that has started a petition asking Mattel to stop introducing “Hello Barbie”.528061 The organization has been accused of that, it has been able to shop everywhere, it is already a power, especially in Spain, in my opinion.528062 That was the place in the party where the pedophile perpetrators found a refuge.528063 This is the place with the largest single facility in Germany with 6000 refugees.528064 This is the next generation PC, ”said Kipman.528065 This is the perfect way to completely turn the tables in the whole US racism debate and to hold up the mirror in a very mean way.528066 This is the perfect time for another appearance by the cheerful Cologne professional patient Raderscheidt.528067 This is the plan of the Italian government.528068 This is the Club Concorde plan.528069 That is the plan - and, in the words of a diplomat, "very far from reality".528070 "That's the plan," emphasizes the team boss.528071 That is Finance Minister Schäuble's plan.528072 That's the plan from US environmentalists.528073 This is the Polish term for Silesian crumble cake.528074 "That's the price."528075 That is the price that numerous media offers are available free of charge.528076 That is the price for being able to count yourself among the illustrious circle of the political elite.528077 That’s the price to keep the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on board, which will no doubt happen.528078 That is the price that Ammerthal had to pay for the connection to the Amberg drinking water network.528079 That is the price that the rich world has to pay for the way of life that was guaranteed for decades by fossil fuels.528080 This is the price we have to pay because of our lack of experience with the Kalex.528081 This is the price that is paid for advertisements or commercials, without deductions such as contractual agreements on discounts with the advertising agencies.528082 This is the prince who is to overthrow Sepp Blatter from the Fifa throne today Thank you for your rating!528083 This is the process that we can recreate now. "528084 This is the test bench value.528085 That's the point.528086 This is the point at which the process of petrification begins in Merkel's face.528087 That's where they might meet.528088 This is where we are. "528089 That's the point: You don't need a beautiful person, you have to tell a beautiful story.528090 This is the point where things come together that cannot go together.528091 That's where things get exciting.528092 That's where I say: folks, this is pure racism.528093 That is the advice that the four women have followed the most thoroughly, because otherwise this cheeky-cool mixture of clichés and self-deprecating instructions would not have been possible.528094 The right winger of Frankfurter Eintracht is not used to that, usually he and the regular players on the mountain bike kick the exertions of the previous day off their feet.528095 That is important to the director who presented her debut “Hotel Very Welcome” at the 2007 Berlinale.528096 This is the purest flea circus, what they are performing (the monkeys, who are otherwise often put in this connection, would have solved it more intelligently).528097 That's the attraction of the whole thing. "528098 This is the pension increase after 1 year of work ..528099 "This is the judge who released me on bail," tweeted the 41-year-old.528100 "That's the right approach."528101 This is the right time to look again at the expectations of mobile payment, which is still waiting for the breakthrough in Europe and the USA.528102 That is the correct expression!