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As Synthol In bodybuilding, one describes a synthetic mixture of different oils and additives. It is misused to optically enlarge individual muscles.

2 background

Synthol was first developed in the early 1990s by the German Chris Clark to replace the Esiclene that had been used until then.[1]

The reason for this was the immensely high cost of androgens and steroids, which are widely used in bodybuilding. In order to be able to bring an inexpensive alternative to the market, the Synthol formulation was developed, which was also used as a "body oil" before competitions.

3 chemistry

The composition of Synthol is as follows (variable):

4 application

Synthol is becoming more and more widespread because it is easy to use and accordingly inexpensive to acquire in the "bodybuilding scene". An increased occurrence can currently be observed in South America (2019).

As the muscle increases significantly in volume through the injection of the oil-active ingredient mixture, the Synthol is drawn up into a syringe and slowly injected into the muscle at several different points using a long needle. Depending on the depth of penetration, the oil is stored either under the skin (subcutaneous) or directly in the muscle (intramuscular) and thus leads to an optical increase in volume of the corresponding muscle. However, no increase in performance can be achieved through the abuse of synthetics, since no androgens or even steroids are contained.

5 dangers

In addition to the previously unknown long-term effects of Synthol, the following damage can occur:

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