Why do geckos lose their tails

Can geckos shed their tails?

Are geckos just saying goodbye to part of their body? Siri, age 9, wants to know if geckos can actually shed their tails like other lizards.

In the 50 million years that geckos have already existed on earth, they have developed a wide variety of species and spread to a wide variety of habitats such as deserts and tropics. Source: © Jeff McGraw, Shutterstock

The gecko's tail isn't as patterned as the rest of its body. That's because geckos can shed their tails when they are in danger. If a gecko is chased by an animal trying to eat it, it will simply drop its tail and run away. And that's not all. When the tail has just been thrown off, it moves for a while and twitches back and forth. This distracts the attacker from the gecko and he can escape.

The chasing animal then eats the tail and the gecko can grow a new one. The new tail, however, is no longer as splendidly patterned and a little darker, so that you can easily see whether the gecko still has its original tail or whether it is a regrowth.

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