Where does carbon dioxide come from

Where does CO 2 come from?

Climate rescue

What can we do to save our climate?

If the climate on our planet changes, it will affect everyone. That is why politicians talk to each other to prevent a climate catastrophe from occurring on our planet. In 1997, in Kyoto, in Japan, politicians from all over the world signed a treaty stating what each country must do to reduce CO2 emissions. This treaty is called the "Kyoto Protocol".
Many experts say that the provisions in the treaty are insufficient to protect our climate. Nonetheless, the treaty is a first step and politicians continue to talk to each other to find additional solutions. The politicians in Germany want to protect the climate above all by ensuring that the generation of energy no longer produces as much CO2. Therefore, in the future, the energy sources that do not produce harmful CO2 should be expanded.

These include solar energy, wind energy and hydropower.
But not only politicians have a responsibility for our environment. You can also do a lot to protect our climate.

The less energy you use, the better it is for our environment.