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Translation for "hunt down" in Dutch

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We could you hunt down and destroy your kind so easily.
We konden jullie chase Rivet in jouw soort zo makkelijk.
So that we finally get these freaks hunt down can.
Zodat we can do the freaks chase.
Which means he is us hunt down could.
I will him hunt down, Dean.
You tell me that he is me in Humboldt, hunt down can.
Je zegt maar dat hij me kan chase dead in Humboldt.
Then the orcs will us hunt down.
Together we would have the virus hunt down can.
Scylla to give people who run the company hunt down want.
You have to have the mind hunt down.
Jullie moeten op de spook to hunt.
But you can see the whale with your ship hunt down.
Jullie kunnen de walvis met je schip doden.
But that doesn't mean you have him hunt down have to.
Dat betekent niet dat jij hem moet doden.
SD-6 doesn't want Hassan hunt down.
It seems Dooku wants someone hunt down.
Blijkbaar rehearses Dooku somebody te vangen, en zijn wij het lokaas.
One would us hunt downbefore we reach the forest.
Ze lift ons te pakken voordat we het bos bereiken.
Then we have to do it now hunt down.
As de bedreiging zo big is, we must ze nu neerhalen.
We become the enemy hunt down.
The one person I am hunt down want has disappeared.
You can't do it alone hunt down.
That headline means we have to be Mr. Boss hunt down.
This is what we want Mr Boss neerhalen.
I want him hunt down.
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