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Chris Hemsworth: "Children are the most beautiful thing in the world"

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The Australian actor Chris Hemsworth (born 1983) has been married to the Spanish actress, singer and film producer Elsa Pataky (born 1976) since 2010. The two have three children together - India Rose (born 2012) and twins Tristan and Sasha (born 2014). His fans know the actor from the "Thor" and "Avengers" films, "Star Trek" and "Doctor Strange". Chris' brothers Liam Hemsworth (born 1990) and Luke Hemsworth (born 1980) are also actors.

Chris Hemsworth gives a little insight into his family life:

Moving from Los Angeles to Australia was the best decision my wife Elsa and I could make, including as parents. The LA movie business is just too overwhelming. You live and breathe it every day, everyone talks about the same thing and it just overwhelmed us.

I also wanted my young children to learn about their father's culture and to grow up in an environment where they could be closer to nature and the sea. Now we live close to the sea, and that is a completely different world. It's also nice that the children can now get to know their grandparents better. I hope they develop as close a relationship as my brothers and I did back then.

"The only difficult thing about being a father is ..."

... explaining to my daughter India why I have to leave for a movie. She always asks if she can't come with me, and that breaks my heart. I usually bribe them with a gift to make me feel better. Within seconds the tears are forgotten and she shines again. Because of high-quality pedagogy. But seriously, I don't see how I would survive as a father without bribery.

When I'm at home, my wife Elsa naturally expects me to help with the household, take care of the children, wash the dishes - and I really enjoy that. At least the part when I play with the kids and hang out with them.

"My children love to speak Spanish"

Elsa speaks Spanish with the kids and everyone in the house is fluent in Spanish - everyone but me. I've always wanted to learn this language, but I just can't do it. But my children love to speak Spanish and I am happy that they are growing up bilingual.

At the moment we are not planning to expand our family. Raising three children is a logistical challenge.Having children is the best thing in the world but Elsa and I are very happy with the number we have.