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NRW justice: JUKOS

JUKOS is neither an acronym nor does it designate a single computer program, rather JUKOS stands for JUstiz and KOSth.

Ultimately, that is what it is all about Procedure for the automation of court costs and cash management and the enforcement of money the judiciary of North Rhine-Westphalia.

You can find an overview of the JUKOS components, which have been professionally and technically developed as independent solutions, in the graphic of the JUKOS products.

Process description

The rough description of the individual components of the process - in the form of 5 columns - is the graphic of the JUKOS products refer to. This representation is intended to help the viewer to recognize and understand the boundaries between the individual components.

Personnel and organization

The Ministry of Justice of North Rhine-Westphalia is the "master" of the proceedings.
The technical supervision of the process development and maintenance is assigned to the Higher Regional Court of Düsseldorf.
The JUKOS procedural maintenance office (VPS) has been set up there for questions relating to the (further) development, coordination and user support of the JUKOS procedure, which operates both alone and together with the State Office for Information and Technology NRW, Hagen branch (IT.NRW - Hagen branch) in Hagen, the program creation for the decentralized parts of the proceedings, which are located at the paying agents and court paying agents -Cash register and - Paying agent performs.
The central data processing of the procedural part Payment monitoring procedures (ZÜV) is carried out - including the necessary programming activities according to the specifications of the JUKOS procedural maintenance office and the associated program maintenance - at the State Office for Information and Technology NRW, Hagen branch (IT.NRW - Hagen branch) in Hagen.

Procedure history

JUKOS can now look back on 50 years of history.




The federal / state commission for data processing in the judiciary, appointed at the 37th conference of justice ministers and senators, is given the task of examining the possibilities for an automated calculation and collection of court costs and of developing a procedural solution.


The working group "Automation of court costs and cash systems and the enforcement of fines" (today: JUKOS litigation care agency) receives the order to develop a process for the automation of costs and cash systems in the judiciary.


After a successful test operation, the first cost accounts for the Düsseldorf public prosecutor's office were automatically created from 1975 onwards as part of the trials at the Düsseldorf judicial authorities (district court, regional court, public prosecutor's office, court treasury).


Central processing will be transferred to the newly established Joint Area Computing Center (GGRZ) in Hagen, whose tasks are today taken over by the State Office for Information and Technology NRW, Hagen branch (IT.NRW - NL Hagen) in Hagen.


All public prosecutor's offices (22) and all court coffers (14) in North Rhine-Westphalia are involved in the JUKOS procedure.


In mid-March, the state of Hesse will take over the central JUKOS program components.


On January 2nd, 2002 the JUKOS procedure was changed to the euro.
The program for the direct entry of cost data is being developed and made ready for use for the judicial departments without (initially) their own application.


In addition to the ordinary jurisdiction, the entire labor, financial and administrative jurisdiction also take part in the JUKOS procedure with its complex data management and extensive information systems.


Connection to EPOS.NRW


Completion of the new ZÜV information to replace the old JOV and OAP procedures.


From 01.01.2017 all social courts and the regional social court of North Rhine-Westphalia will take part in the JUKOS procedure. All courts are now connected to JUKOS.


The newly developed IT.Kasse program is successfully introduced at the paying offices of the Bonn and Hagen district courts.


IT.Kasse has been successfully introduced at the remaining paying offices and at the Central Paying Office for Justice.


Since May 2020, JUKOS-ZÜV has been able to demand asset recovery in accordance with §§ 73ff StGB in favor of victims; incoming payments can be forwarded to the victims.

The procedure JUKOS is used in North Rhine-Westphalia as follows,

the procedural part -Cash register at

  • 1 Central Paying Office Justice (ZZJ) (formerly Justizkasse NRW)
  • 10 paying agents (former court coffers)

the procedural part - Paying agent at

  • 129 local courts (paying agents)

the procedural part Payment monitoring procedure (ZÜV) at

  • 3 higher regional courts
  • 19 regional courts
  • 129 local courts
  • 1 Central Paying Office Justice (ZZJ) (formerly Justizkasse NRW)
  • 10 paying agents (former court coffers)
  • 2 central dunning courts
  • 1 Attorney General
  • 22 public prosecutor's offices including branches
  • 1 Higher Administrative Court
  • 7 administrative courts
  • 3 tax courts
  • 3 state labor courts
  • 30 labor courts
  • 8 social courts
  • 1 regional social court

Contact Person

JUKOS litigation care center,
Email: [email protected]

The head of the JUKOS procedural guardianship,
Klaus Gunkel,
Tel .: 0211 4971-196,
Email: [email protected]