What's the best song by Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani: "It would be nice if Christmas ran in slow motion"

With "You Make It Feel Like Christmas", Gwen Stefani made a wish come true and recorded her own Christmas album. In an interview, she reveals what the festival of love means for her and what she wants.

The American singer and fashion icon Gwen Stefani recorded her first Christmas album with "You Make It Feel Like Christmas". The 48-year-old interprets classics like "Jingle Bells" and "White Christmas", but she has also written six Christmas songs of her own. Stefani and her partner Blake Shelton were on the microphone for the title song. The country superstar makes the no-doubt front woman happy again after her marital bankruptcy with Gavin Rossdale. So the best conditions for a great Christmas party ...

prisma: Does it help to get in the holiday mood after recording a Christmas album?

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Gwen Stefani: Absolutely! It was such a joyful project and it was easy for me to do. It's one of those rare experiences where there's no pressure because I really did it for fun. However, it has been on my bucket list for a long time. This year I was finally able to implement my wish.

prisma: What was important to you?

Stefani: Having fun and writing a Christmas hit (laughs)! Once you've been successful and given the opportunity to share your life story with other people through music, it becomes something of an addiction. It's hard not to want that again and again. Having a hit means happiness, fun and euphoria in equal measure. With a Christmas hit, you get that Christmas feeling as a cream on top of the cake. It doesn't get any better than that.

prisma: In your Christmas carols, the 50s in particular can be heard. Was that on purpose?

Stefani: When I started the record, I had no idea which direction I wanted to go. First I had to analyze my own style: I've done ska, reggae, punk and dance in the past, so I've already let off steam in all kinds of genres. At first I thought of a Christmas album with dance songs - young and upbeat. But that changed when I met producer Busbee.

Stefani: Thanks to him, the songs now sound like No Doubt at the time before we had our breakthrough as a band and our songs were on the radio. The songs are implemented with horns and a live band - just like in the old days. That makes me feel nostalgic!

prisma: There are so many Christmas albums with the standard repertoire. Is that why you wrote your own Christmas carols?

Stefani: To be honest, I haven't thought too much about it. And that's good. Because when I hear Christmas carols everywhere in the run-up to Christmas, then I think that there are actually enough classics already. The goal was definitely to write my own songs. But it wasn't my aim to reinvent Christmas music. I just wanted to do my part. And the thought of being part of other people's Christmas time intrigued me.

prisma: So this is your dream? That people celebrate Christmas with your music?

Stefani: Oh yes! When I see people posting photos of their families on social media; from their children dancing around the tree or decorating it while my songs are playing, a dream come true for me. That's exactly why I'm doing this. I want to be part of their memories. Holiday memories are imprinted, and when my music is in your mind, it's a real honor.

prisma: What makes a good Christmas song?

Stefani: I have to feel nostalgic about it. It can be a hopeful, happy, joyous feeling - it all works as long as it makes you feel nostalgic.

prisma: Your song "Christmas Eve" sounds like a prayer. You were raised Roman Catholic. How are prayers and church visits important to you today?

Stefani: I've always had a strong faith. This is something my mother sowed in me. I've also been through tough times in life. I have reconsidered the seed of faith that has been planted in me and tried to strengthen it. It helped me. Now was the perfect time for a music prayer. Because I feel more connected than ever to my spiritual side and my spiritual consciousness. I kind of wrote "Christmas Eve" while I was praying. The melody just came to me without my having to think about it much. That was a magical moment that felt like a Christmas miracle.

prisma: In "When I Was A Little Girl" you sing about childhood dreams. What dreams did you have as a child?

Stefani: As a child, I only dreamed of giving my love to someone later. Many girls have romantic fantasies about who they will marry. But I had my parents as a role model: they met in high school, are still married and very much in love - a perfect couple. Some of my wishes have not come true. Others have come true in ways I couldn't have dreamed of better.

prisma: You sing the song "You Make It Feel Like Christmas" in a duet with your new life partner, the country singer Blake Shelton. How does this song feel to you?

Stefani: Wonderful! When Blake gave me a first draft of the song, it was just him with his guitar. But I knew that it had to be a duet between us and then I finished the song accordingly.

prisma: How are you celebrating this year?

Stefani: I will probably be busy cooking! It's really all about cooking, eating and enjoying each other's company.

prisma: Do you have a particular wish for Christmas?

Stefani: If I can be with my family, that's enough! It would be nice if Christmas could run in slow motion this year. Because after all the preparations it always passes too quickly. I wish that I can live and enjoy the moment and not have to rush through the day as usual.

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