Why are Scorpio women broken

  Re: Scorpio woman - not capable of relational?
Chandni wrote:From my own experience (I am a Scorpio woman), I have to agree with the topic. At least it is true of me.

Ever since I fell in love with someone and this love remained unrequited, it has been incredibly difficult for me to build feelings / trust in someone.

I'm already very suspicious anyway, and if you then get disappointed by people you believed you could trust ... it only gets worse.
Whenever I get closer to someone and maybe. a relationship could develop out of it, I get scared of being disappointed again and end the whole thing.
The desire for a happy long-term relationship is very big in me, but these fears come up every time, which also nerishes me insanely.

I find myself in such a dispute all the time. Also at the moment; I got to know someone through my work with whom I get along very well, everything is actually great (except maybe the age difference, which doesn't matter to me ..), and now my fear comes back ... I look for mistakes in him, and I think I have found her and I am about to finish everything again. Dreadful. I really wish I could get rid of that kind ... I'm ruining myself.

(sorry for the long text, but wanted to write it off my mind ... maybe I find you good food for thought, how I can solve my problem ... )

Well, I too have to post a message here, at least for me, which is sad.
Today I got a call from my Scorpio wife and we had a long talk about each other.
And she said she wasn't ready to commit, so not ready for a longer relationship.
She did not give reasons. But I can well imagine that she feels like you and the wife of "Sandmann".

As you said, everything went really well between us. We got on really well.
She also apologized to me that it took her longer to make the decision.
Sure, one is sad that the whole thing did not lead to anything ...

Today I also had a close friend tell me that she has probably not entered into any firm ties in the past few years.
So some advice from me: Don't be too suspicious, let your feelings run free, don't hide yourselves / them.
Because it hurts a man when all the efforts to win them over have been in vain.
Do you see in every man a loser, a criminal? Nobody is perfect! Neither are you.