How can IMC detection help

SequencerLog entries from the sequencer were not hidden. Info log entries made by the sequencer did not always have the correct "Information" category and could therefore not be hidden.Installation and
Product configuration
  • The "imc STUDIO Automation Engine" component always had to be activated for runtime functions. It is now active by default for all editions, like all other "Engine" components.
  • Subsequent correction of the product configuration is no longer necessary. By
    The installation of imc STUDIO Monitor did not always change the product configuration
    configured correctly. For the "Developer" edition were the widgets and the sequencer
    not activated.
  • Deinstallation of "imc Documents" - On some computers the deinstallation of
    "imc Documents" hang and was not terminated correctly.
Project managementThe project management dialogs now filter out "inappropriate" projects. This includes, for example, the "Save as", "Manage project" or "Open experiment" dialogs. "Unsuitable" projects are e.g. imc WAVE projects for imc STUDIO and vice versa. Using the same database is now possible, but is not recommended.Setup and
Device controlFor the strain gauge measuring range, the superfluous sign is now omitted: e.g. "± -770000 μeps". Now "± 770000 μeps" is displayed correctly.Panel and Widgets
  • Adjusting the page size of split pages - Errors in adjusting the page size have been fixed. There were problems with split pages, which were also enlarged.
  • Widgets that have been copied several times are inserted a little offset each time. So you no longer land directly on top of each other.
  • Widget: "Table" - Text Zones - Areas could be set for text zones. That led to unexpected effects. Text zones no longer have areas.
  • Widget: "DIO" - If the widget was connected to a user-defined variable, a CPU core was fully utilized if the variable had the value "0".
  • Widget: "Image" - With the "Center image" setting, the image became blurred and changed its position when copied.
Data browser
  • If the "measurement settings" are loaded from the data browser to match a measurement, a complete experiment is loaded. If you press "Save", you will be asked whether you really want to overwrite the current experiment, since it is an old version of the experiment. However, this query did not appear if you had saved when you closed imc STUDIO.
  • The variable functions (export / import / load) via the data browser always had to be reset. Now the last path is automatically targeted when the function is called again. Other settings are also retained so that they do not have to be reset each time.
CommandsCommands: "Parameter set import / export", "Variables import / export / load" and "Panel page import / export" The placeholders "SETUP" and "MEASUREMENT" were not offered so far.Scripting
  • The panel API functions "ShowPage" and "HidePage" did not work in scripting.
  • The tag link of the trend window with the help of a measurement number or a fixed name could not be removed by script.
  • In the script restore dialog, the question was no longer visible if the script name was long.
  • If a script was exported as a DLL, external resources were not also exported. (The prerequisite is "Local copy = true").
  • If an event script was created with the "Project" storage level, it still had the "Experiment" storage level.
imc Inline FAMOSThe "RSFlipFlop" function did not work.Powertrain monitoringIn the case of very many and large measurements, the measurements could occasionally not be loaded