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Of football fever and football madness

Celebrating on the streets, honking loudly, singing, shouting or painting your car in the colors of your national team - all of this shows pure passion. And when this euphoric mood spreads to an entire country that has qualified for the FIFA World Cup ™, it is simply called football fever.

But when the love of football and the irresistible desire to watch all of your favorite team's games at any cost lead to the most extraordinary behaviors, then passion turns into football madness. A few days before the steadily rising football fever will reach its absolute peak and infect the entire football planet, throws a diagnostic look at the most extreme reported cases.

England - the cradle of football - is also the place to watch the devastating effects of this highly contagious virus. The surveys show that the biggest football festival in the world has an impact on the entire country: productivity falls every four years and the absenteeism rate in companies increases. Coincidence? One can argue about it ...

This year it is Continental Tires We even managed to use a survey to determine the "top 10" of the most popular excuses not to have to appear in the office: From stomach aches and sick children to drainage problems or difficulties with the car - any excuse is right to sit in front of the TV to be able to stay. The pub staff Shakespeare in Manchester also have to go to work, but receive a special kind of motivational injection: the owner has to be in. for the duration of the World Cup finals Fabio Capello renamed while the waiters from now on all Wayne Rooney be called!

Insurance and Protection
Paul Hucker, a far-sighted citizen of the city of Ipswich, provides proof of the fact that even 44 years without a title win have not diminished the British’s passion for the World Cup: he took out insurance to cover himself against any kind of trauma that he could suffer due to the performance of his national team. "At this World Cup, the pressure is not just on the players and the coaches," he said.

"Depending on the performance England put in, many fans could suffer a lot. If there were a penalty shoot-out in one game or another, I would like to protect myself against any kind of psycho-trauma that I might suffer." Indeed, preventative measures may prove necessary after researchers found that heart complaints rose 25% year over year in 1998 after the Three Lions Had to admit defeat on penalties in the game against Argentina at the World Cup.

Fortunately, however, the World Cup statistics are not always a cause for concern. There is a positive example to report from the 1994 World Cup in the USA, for which Russia had also qualified: On the match days of the Russian national team, the Russian police registered a decrease in the crime rate of 70% with great satisfaction! Perhaps that has prompted the Brazilian central bank to order that the bank branches open on match days of this World Cup year Seleçao have permission to keep their counters closed. The reason for this: "Security gaps in the branches and the money transporters should be avoided."

However, it does seem very difficult to concentrate on your real work once the World Cup kicks off. The students at the University of Engineering and Technology in Bangladesh are also aware of this, because in the 2006 World Cup they pulled out all the stops to postpone their examination dates. Under pressure from thousands of students, the faculty management finally decided to postpone the exam dates, which were originally supposed to take place between June 3rd and 24th, to July 14th - two days after the 2006 FIFA World Cup ™ final.

Total willingness to make sacrifices
Just like in Bangladesh, the people of Sudan have never had the opportunity to see their national team perform at a World Cup finals. But that is no reason for the Sudanese not to be enthusiastic about the biggest and most important football tournament in the world. When in 2006 the power company of the city of Khartoum informed the population to prevent possible power outages by lowering the power consumption of other devices, the whole city sank into darkness voluntarily and without being asked. The only light that could be seen in the houses during the World Cup days was the flickering of the television screens on which the World Cup games were broadcast.

At the 2010 World Cup, in the same case, Algerian households would also be on the safe side, because sales of plasma televisions literally explode the closer the opening game of the Desert foxes from Algeria at the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa ™. In order not to miss an act of the world's largest football festival, some fans have even moved forward 24 years after the last World Cup participation by an Algerian team, while others temporarily stopped looking for work and still others postponed their honeymoon so as not to miss any of the duels in South Africa .

This proves that true football freaks are ready to make any sacrifice. A survey conducted by an American company last April showed that 55 percent of those surveyed would be willing to fast for a week for their team to win the World Cup, while 40 percent of them said they would go for a year of cheers for the same result dispense. The most daring or perhaps the most thoughtless - seven percent, after all - even said they were ready to give up their jobs for a world title. And four percent even go so far as to be able to imagine sacrificing an arm or a leg if their heroes can raise the World Cup trophy for it.

If you think you are ready for anything to win a world title, now is the time to put it to the test! What would you be willing to do to make your team world champions? But be careful, because in a month it could happen to you that you have to keep one or the other promise ...