Which is always cool, but never hot

Teenagers: Why teenagers don't freeze

Teens don't seem to be cold. Light cloth shoes when the temperature is below zero, without a jacket and of course only with a hat if it is fashionable for fashion reasons - in terms of brood care, some parents despair of the clothing habits of their teenagers.

However, there is no reason to do so, reassures the neurobiologist Ralph Dawirs. Because adolescents not only have a completely different temperature perception than we adults, there is also a valid reason for this.

Our teenagers used to be the makers

For 80,000 generations, human life expectancy was around 25 to 30 years, and by then you were really old. Boys and girls who are considered not yet mature today have therefore been the actual adult society for a long time.

"Pubescent gangs who were forced to orient themselves to their peer group. And thus to those with whom they would roam the savannah as adults," explains Dawirs in an interview with t-online.de. "They were ready to make their life highly risky, looking for emotional kicks, checking boundaries - always in the service of the generation change."

Degraded by the ancients

But about eight to ten generations ago, the tide changed and life expectancy tripled within a very short time. If the teenager wants to take power now, as is his real destiny, he has a problem. The "old people" won't let him, although physiologically he would still be such a good "warrior". "We massively underestimate our young people. They are our real heroes," affirmed the brain expert.

Whoever burns inside does not freeze

So belly-free at minus five degrees is not only cool, the teenagers don't suffer from the cold either. Due to their actual mission of evolution, they also get sick significantly less often than small children or older people. "Of course they are freezing too, but they don't even notice it. It doesn't matter."

So the coolness is rated higher. The request to please put on a hat and a scarf goes unheard in the youthful brains. "They survive. Your own organism knows better whether it is freezing than mom or dad. When you're hot inside, you don't freeze like that."

Little parents' tricks against the cold

The mediator couple Sylvia and Alfred Strobel put together a clothes checklist for boys in their guide "Puberty for Beginners", which states: "Several layers are worn on top of each other: a T-shirt, over it an incredibly long sweater, a slightly shorter denim vest and Then a jacket. Since pubescent people do not have temperature sensors, these clothes are worn in summer and winter. "

The onion look is certainly not the worst alternative to avoid frostbite and still be cool at the crucial moment. If you follow traditional Chinese medicine, you can also control your temperature perception with diet.

Then in the future you will smuggle more spices such as garlic, ginger or pepper into your food on cold days, which ensure that it becomes warm inside. Aluminum soles in the thin sneakers also keep your feet warm while waiting at the bus stop.

We weren't any different either

However, teenagers cannot be forced to warm up. This may annoy us adults, sometimes even frighten us, but it needn't surprise us. In his lectures on the subject, Ralph Dawirs repeatedly advises his listeners to close their eyes and remember their own youth. Winter jackets, mittens and warm boots are definitely not there and if they are, they are hidden in the shed.

It's not just the old woman's heat

Of course, the hormones also play a role. Many menopausal mothers don't wear more than a T-shirt, regardless of the weather. In addition to the hormones, there are also metabolism, blood pressure, weight and, last but not least, personal mood. So it can be said that parents more or less have to put up with the fact that their teenagers do not use the thermometer to dress when they go on brave adventures, as they did millions of years ago.

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