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Training for salespeople in the retail sector

In order to prepare you for a job as a salesperson, especially in the area of ​​fashion and clothing, we have put together relevant knowledge for you in our free training. This training does not apply to all fashion stores, but rather serves the sales staff for shops, pop-up stores or boutiques, where customer service plays an important role.

If you are already registered with InStaff as a host / hostess, please enter the same e-mail address with which you registered in the test. If you successfully pass the test, we will note this in your profile. This way, potential customers know that you already have theoretical knowledge in sales and you have a better chance of being booked for a job.

Prepare to sell

Brand and product knowledge

Before you start working in sales, you should first deal with the brand and the goods in preparation. Because every brand has a unique selling point that stands out from the competition and is communicated to the outside world. The specialty can be, for example, the material of the goods or the style of the brand. You will receive detailed information about the brand from the client during the induction process.

Answers to possible questions, such as

  1. "Why should the customer choose this brand?"
  2. "What is the specialty of the brand?"
can be pre-recorded to help you glean the benefits of the brand for later sales.

outer appearance

As in most areas, a well-groomed appearance is also the be-all and end-all in fashion sales. There is a general emphasis on clean and fresh-smelling clothing, which ensures a confident appearance and leaves a first positive impression on customers.


There are three options when it comes to workwear, and the client decides here.

  • 1. The work clothing is completely provided to you by the client.
  • 2. Clear regulations on the style of clothing are given by the employer. Example: dark jeans, white top and black shoes, no accessories
  • 3. No strict guidelines from the employer. In that case, you should make sure that you always dress in a fashion-conscious way to match the brand.


Appropriate make-up and hairstyling should not be missing for the appearance of a saleswoman. Basically always applies "Less is more". With a subtle make-up you are on the safe side. Depending on the type of fashion store, accentuated eyes and red lipstick may also be allowed.
With hairstyling you mainly have a lot of freedom, you can wear your hair both open and tied. Always make sure that your hands and nails look well-groomed. If you are allowed to wear nail polish, nude tones are best, which give you a natural look.


In contrast to a saleswoman, there is much less to pay attention to with men. Hair gel and other hair care products should not be used in excess on the hair. A clean-shaven face is not a must, but any beard has to look well-groomed. If a perfume is being considered, choose a pleasantly subtle fragrance if possible.

For both, chewing gum as well as eating and drinking is prohibited on the sales area. A little candy in between for a fresh breath is allowed, as you have a lot of customer contact and customer discussions in sales.

Process of a sale

First contact with the customer

When a customer enters the shop, he gets his first impressions through his sensory organs. He perceives the look, the music and the smell of the shop. First of all, you greet the customer in a contemporary way with a friendly smile in the shop within 30 seconds and give them the feeling of being warmly welcomed. Always make sure to be visibly positioned, to keep eye contact with the customer, and to keep your posture open. Customers are mostly greeted out of courtesy.

Situation examples after the greeting

Customer typesBehavior of the seller