What is S A D.

SAD-gB - Development and validation of a self-assessment sheet for anxiety and depression in people with intellectual disabilities

Project description

In Germany, around one percent of the population is affected by an intellectual disability. Mental stress and mental disorders are often not discovered in this group or are inadequately treated. There is a lack of suitable and validated diagnostic instruments as a basic requirement for adequate care. Questionnaires that have been developed for the general population are usually not applicable due to their restricted cognitive or linguistic abilities. SAD-gB is supposed to provide a remedy here.

The project is developing a diagnostic tool for recognizing anxiety and depression that people with intellectual disabilities can fill out on their own or with support, if possible. On the basis of preliminary work, a questionnaire is created in easy language and with a simple answer format. Then the questionnaire is checked for comprehensibility and meaningfulness with the help of 350 test persons with intellectual disabilities (with and without anxiety disorders or depression). Once the diagnostic tool has been checked and completed, it will be freely available online.

The project is funded for three years with a total of almost 277,000 euros.

With the development of the self-assessment sheet SAD-gB, the participation of people with intellectual disabilities in the care of mental disorders is to be improved. It also enables the early detection of psychological stress and the initiation of measures to prevent chronification.