What are the free task management software

Tools for task and appointment management

Gone are the days when you, as a secretary and assistant, had to scribble down your tasks, appointments and ideas on paper. Instead of the often tedious mess of paper, there are now small but fine programs and apps. They ensure that you not only adhere to your daily office timetable exactly to the minute, but also tighten them properly.

Sure, Outlook is indispensable for most assistants, secretaries and office managers. But this great PC helper often hides its most helpful functions in the corners of its options. As a result, as with most Office programs, many users only use a maximum of ten percent.

Many small programs have therefore specialized in the essentials and with just a few clicks offer you exactly the functions that save you so much valuable time and effort in your daily task and appointment management. The trick: These organizer programs are free of charge in their basic functions and combine all the advantages of the calendar, appointment planner, contact and note management and reminder aids.

Fast, easy and free: these are currently the most interesting organizer programs

  • EssentialPIM Free: the reliable PIM manager
    Like a Personal Information Manager (PIM), this very user-friendly program offers you the most important functions with which you can organize your office quickly and easily: "EssentialPIM Free" is address management and appointment planner in one and also supports you in receiving and sending e-mails and the management of tasks, notes and passwords.
  • PTBSync: it couldn't be more punctual
    The classic among the calendar software is particularly suitable for anyone who likes to watch the clock accurately. Because "PTBSync" synchronizes your system time to one fiftieth of a second with the atomic clock in Braunschweig and, if you want, shows on a large desktop clock how your appointments are in all the time zones that are of interest to you. Like an over-punctual alarm clock, the program reminds you of appointments and duties either visually and / or with an alarm tone.
  • Calendar: even fits in your handbag
    “Calendar”, the small but fine appointment calendar for PC, smartphones and tablets for Android, is straightforward and very practical. As a permanent part of your desktop background, you have your appointment calendar in front of you at all times for quick management and entry of notes. Extra practical: The program can be installed permanently or "portable" in the portable form on the USB stick. So you can literally carry your appointment management anywhere.
  • Desk timer: simply beautiful
    With the “desk timer” you have everything on screen that you need for uncomplicated scheduling. As a nice extra, the software visualizes your appointments with individual background images. With every restart and every change, the program generates a new, individual wallpaper with a calendar, appointment planner and reminders. In addition to your calendar entries and tasks, it also brings birthdays, vacations and your own notes to your desktop and acoustically reminds you of upcoming events. In addition, the program automatically sends e-mails according to your specifications and starts entire programs independently.

These freeware programs streamline your to-do lists and make your task management easier:

  • Microsoft To Do (formerly Wunderlist): Perhaps the most popular to-do list program
    Professionally and privately: daily planner, managing to-do lists online, sharing made easy, managing tasks easier: with this program you can organize smooth collaboration.
  • Evernote: bundles and organizes snippets of information
    Are there many small notes and snippets of information hidden in every nook and cranny of your computer that you urgently need for new projects? The classic among task management software finds, saves, categorizes and deletes all notes, images, graphics, addresses and to-do lists according to your wishes and needs. Of course, you can share your lists with others and chat about them in the program.
  • ToDoList: simple and practical
    With this practical software for busy people, you won't get bogged down with many tasks, spontaneous appointments and additional jobs. Give your tasks and assignments different priorities and due dates, keep an eye on project progress, sort and filter according to your desired criteria thanks to the large selection of task lists. You can access your to-do lists not only on your computer, but also on up to 15 other platforms and mobile devices.
  • Efficient To-Do List Free: Makes even long to-do lists bearable
    This little program makes managing your tasks noticeably easier. Make a note of all tasks with start and due dates. As in Outlook, you can give each task a status, i.e. note how far the task has progressed. The practical filter function makes it easier for you to work through particularly long to-do lists. An alarm function reminds you of upcoming deadlines and duties.
  • Zenkit: Mixture of Kanban board, mind map, table, calendar or task list
    The Zenkit users can edit their projects in a Kanban board, mind map, table, calendar or a to-do list. So you always have the right tool at hand in every phase of the project. All tools access the same data. Zenkit plans to deliver a Gantt chart as a further view in 2018. The tool is free for up to 5 users. Since it is a German startup and hosts in Germany, you can also play at the top when it comes to data protection.

Dossier on the subject: Professional email management

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