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Automatic home control: nine ideas that will amaze children

Blogger Andoniya Gicheva is doing the practical test for us: Can automatic house control also inspire small children? Here is her testimonial.
Automatic house control or “Smart Home” - almost everyone associates comfort, security or energy saving for adults with technology. But how does a three-year-old find all of this and does it result in completely new smart home ideas for children? In short: can you use smart home devices to play with children? When I ordered a Smart Home package from ENTEGA, I had an idea for an experiment during the installation.

My smart home package consisted of nine different components:

A Homematic wall switch,
The Osram Lightify Gateway,
The REV radio socket set,
The Gira 55 Homematic adapter set,
A Philips Hue LightStrip,
A wireless window contact,
A wireless motion detector (inside),
A radio roller shutter actuator (flush-mounted),
A wall and ceiling lamp (Osram Lightify Surface Light Tunable White 28W).

So the experiment could begin. While I knew how all of these useful devices worked, I couldn't imagine how they would make a three-year-old girl laugh. So my test person was still missing: my niece Adelina - a sweet, little princess who was supposed to help me a lot with the experiment with the smart home control system.

Automatic home automation can keep kids entertained!

It happened one weekend. I was supposed to look after "Adi" for the whole two days, and that alone at home. Believe me - looking after a three year old child is not an easy task. After just two hours, the little one began to ask about her mom. After three she wept. At that moment I thought to myself: "Ok, forget this smart home experiment and call your sister to pick up the little one." Suddenly it just seemed too difficult for me: Test all these devices for automatic home control to see whether they can also play children's games let do with it? "Mission Impossible"! But I didn't want to give up and tried to calm the little one down.

After four long hours, I felt exhausted. I sat in the armchair and looked through the window. Phew, the light was so bright. I could not bear it. So I grabbed my smartphone, opened the Smart Home app and closed the shutters with a simple tap on the screen. Then the miracle happened: my niece immediately stopped crying and just looked at the window. Apparently she found it incredibly exciting how the shutters went up and down. She didn't know how to control it and was just amazed. That gave me the idea of ​​simply letting my imagination run free and inventing little games with the smart home control system. My niece didn't like all of them. But these nine should definitely be tried if you have to take care of a small child:

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The nine cutest smart home ideas for kids

1. The balloon game

You inflate a balloon, tie it to the handle of an open window and insert it between the window and the frame. If the child runs to the balloon, the shutters are closed at the last moment - secretly via the app. The blind bursts the balloon. Of course, this is only possible if the child is not afraid of bursting balloons. Then it's even fun to repeat the game!

2. Hitting the light pot

Controlling the smart home and playing pot-hitting at the same time - here comes a new, interesting variant of this classic. In this case, the pot is replaced by a mobile light switch. The aim of the game is to find the light switch in the dark and turn on the light using the switch. Of course, you don't make it too easy for the child and, for example, place the switch on the floor two meters behind him.

3. The frozen window blind

Even children can be controlled with Smart Home - at least in play. It works like this: You let the child do something, for example collect pebbles in the garden. At the same time, you control the window roller blind via Smart Home with the tablet. If the blind goes down, the child can continue to collect pebbles. But if the roller blind suddenly goes up, it has to “freeze” while moving - until the window blind comes down again. A smart home control game that kids have a lot of fun with.

4. Dance of colors

Children's disco at home! For the perfect party, you can control the lighting not just with a tap of the finger in the Smart Home app. You can also change the color of the light. You do this as often as possible. Have the child name the color that lights up as quickly as possible. You will see: toddlers love colors!

5. The light and hide-and-seek game

A fun twist on the game of hide and seek. The room is dimmed by reducing the light intensity via the app. At the same time you move away. When the light is completely off, you hide. Another tap on the app turns the light back on - and the child has to find one. Exciting, isn't it?

6. Number rates

Funny and also something to learn: you give the child the smartphone and stand in front of a window from the outside. With a push of a button in the app, the child can now raise the shutters. There you stand and show a number with your fingers. The child has to give the number. Sounds easy, this smart home control game, but kids find it incredibly fun.

7. The play of colors

A nice game with the LightStrips: You change the color of the strips using your tablet (or smartphone). Each color is assigned an action beforehand that the child should carry out. For example: when the light turns green, the child has to jump up. When the light turns red, it must imitate some animal. If the light turns yellow, the little one should clap three times. With so many options, the game should take quite a while.

8. The play of light

The motion detector also makes the greatest games possible with the Smart Home control, for example in the bathroom. The app can be used to set the lighting so that the light comes on automatically as soon as someone enters the bathroom. Now it gets tricky: Together with the child, you carefully try to sneak past the detection angle of the motion detector and "smuggle" various things into the bathroom. Of course, the light must not come on. You won't run out of smart home ideas ...

9. Shining stars

The automatic house control offers unlimited fun and wonderful nonsense. Use it to build your own Rube Goldberg machine. In case you don't know: This is a nonsense machine that carries out a simple task in unnecessarily many, complicated individual steps (almost the opposite of Smart Home ...). An example: The child switches on the connected table fan with the remote control of the radio-controlled socket. There is a table tennis ball in front of the fan. It rolls off the table in the wind and falls exactly into a paper tunnel that you have prepared. The ball rolls through the tunnel against the wall - where you placed the mobile light switch. The ball rolls against the switch and turns on the light. Hurray, it works! Let's see what kind of crazy machine you can think of ...


Successful experiment, successful practical test! In fact, I have proven that automatic home automation is much more than convenience and security. It can even keep a three-year-old child happy for a whole weekend. Since then, smart home control has been synonymous for me with joy, laughter, love and creativity that obviously knows no bounds.

You too can discover the possibilities of Smart Home - the Smart Home Basics show 37 practical and cool application examples.

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