How can you soundproof a maisonette

Our sound insulation material provides for the wall neighbor area | Facing shell for:


The sound insulation panel soni PROTECT R is a high-quality recycled product made of a soft foam based on melamine resin and has higher sound insulation values ​​than pure melamine foam. For a facing shell, a 30 or 50 mm thick wooden battens are doweled to the wall (it is best to have an elastic layer, i.e. an elastic layer is placed between the wall and the battens, e.g. a sealing tape or foam rubber to avoid sound bridges) The cavity is filled with our product soni PROTECT R and plasterboard or chipboard is screwed onto the battens. The sound absorption is increased if the soni PROTECT R is not mounted directly on the wall, but on the wooden battens (3 cm) and the plasterboard / chipboard is then screwed onto the battens. The resulting air gap provides additional insulation. The whole thing is optimized if you "decouple" the plasterboard / chipboard from the floor and ceiling and the adjacent walls, i.e. fill the edge joints with acrylate. Under our experience report neighborhood / facing you can see an example of a facing for soundproofing a wall. Available downloads: - Product data sheet

Content: 0.5 m² (€ 33.80 * / 1 m²)

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