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New start: these 5 tips should be heeded

Let's be honest: who hasn't had one before? New beginning desired? Simply press the reset button and start all over again - wouldn't that be great? Don't make all the mistakes, don't have any stress because something doesn't work or you have to straighten out mistakes, but just relax and enjoy how things are going. The old life somehow doesn't work - friendships break, work stands still and otherwise things don't go smoothly either. There are many reasons for a fresh start. But does it always keep what it promises? What some imagine so rosy can quickly backfire. We'll give you tips on how to make a fresh start ...

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

Is it time for a fresh start?

The child has many names:

  • New beginning,
  • Tabula Rasa,
  • Change,
  • But also upheaval
  • Correction.

What is a new beginning and what does it look like? Naturally very different. It starts with the reasons:

Sometimes it is a failed relationship, in other cases job dissatisfaction and in other cases again diffuse feeling of general dissatisfactionas it can happen in a midlife crisis or earlier in a quarter life crisis.

Even the death of a loved one or an illness that has been overcome often leads to the fact that people are her question previous life. The range of possibilities and wishes for a new beginning is correspondingly large.

Some people want to be completely reinvent, move to another city or even emigrate to another country. Others settle for a new hobby, seek further training or try a different diet.

What they all have in common is that they want to change something.

Classic rituals for a new beginning

However, changes not only bring opportunities, but also risks, which is why many people Fear of change to have. That's the page. Because sometimes the opportunities are not seen at all, only the risks.

The current state is Source of eternal frustration, but maybe it will get worse after a fresh start? The advantage of existing relationships is that you know what you have.

It is one deceptive securitybecause at some point you will wonder if it's worth it? Whether current frustration and current joy are at least balanced? A new beginning often takes a lot of effort. Breaking old, cherished routines is difficult.

At the same time, current circumstances are gnawing at your self-esteem and, in the worst case, can even lead to depression if you do to remain inactive. There are rituals and typical landmarks in life that are particularly suitable for a new beginning and help to gather the necessary courage.

  • Customs

    An example of this are New Year's Eve customs. Who has not yet made the resolution that next year everything will be different? Leaner, sportier, healthier, more successful - that's the hope. Of course, this will not be fulfilled if the trial subscription in the fitness studio is not converted into an annual subscription due to a lack of motivation.

  • Birthdays

    Like holidays, birthdays have the great advantage that they come back annually. In a way ideal to cheat on yourself and postpone important decisions - if something didn’t work until the age of 32, it can still be something at 33. Round birthdays, however, have a different quality, which is why this is where the potential for change lies. The 30th and 40th birthday in particular send a signal to many: What have I achieved so far, where do I want to go?

  • degrees

    Graduations are the exact counterpart to a new beginning, because something is ended here. Life is usually structured by several such degrees, which depict professional life. For example, when transitioning from kindergarten to elementary school, from there to secondary school and then to dual training or studying.

    A fresh start can also be when you go on maternity leave or take a sabbatical and then return to work. In the meantime you have grown older, gained new impressions and experiences and a lot has changed at work as well: colleagues have retired, superiors have changed, departments have been restructured, work content has been added or has changed.

Quotes and sayings for a new beginning

  • Remember that an end also gives us the chance to start over.Unknown
  • I don't know if it will be better if it is different. But it has to be different if it is to get better.Georg Christoph Lichtenberg
  • Never start to stop, never stop to startUnknown
  • There is staying while going, winning while losing, at the end a new beginning.Folk wisdom
  • Change and change loves those who live.Richard Wagner
  • All of life is an eternal beginning again.Hugo von Hofmannsthal
  • There is a magic inherent in every beginning.Hermann Hesse
  • Doubts only hold you back. Let it fly like a butterfly and start over.Unknown
  • Even a journey of a thousand miles begins with a first step.Lao Tse

5 tips for a fresh start

The above examples are temporarily limited - your birthday is only once a year, the same applies to New Year's Eve and graduation. Of course, that doesn't mean you have to wait until the end of the year to decide whether to start over.

What is more important is how you proceed. Because the fear of change is not unfounded, but it can be minimized if you proceed systematically. Night and fog actions, head-over-head decisions are rarely effective. This is especially true when it comes to important life choices like ending a relationship or changing jobs and not just a new hairstyle.

Therefore, you should take these 5 tips to heart for your fresh start:

  • Set achievable goals

    Would you like to emigrate to Spain today? Fine. Nor is it said that that would not be possible. However, you increase your chances if you master the language beforehand. When you have an idea of ​​the country and its people, how everyday social life works.

    Anyone who does not have fabulous reserves also needs a solid financial concept, how he or she wants to secure their own survival in the future - do you have urgently needed knowledge? Do you have a broad network? This example alone shows that there are various aspects to consider when starting a new life.

    These should be listed and processed little by little. The big final goal “I want to emigrate to Spain” is as vague as “I want to get famous / rich / slim” - you need smaller milestones that you have to formulate and that are realistic.

  • Find support

    If you notice that you have been thinking of a new beginning for a long time, but at the same time you are missing the brilliant idea of ​​what you want to change (everything or just a little?) And how it could work, then get support.

    It doesn't have to be a therapist right away. But what speaks against looking for professional help when there is an opportunity? A life coach can give you the decisive impetus and give you tips for further information. By the way, when it comes to support, you should keep a close eye on those around you: some people turn out to be envious, who might like to have a fresh start, but don't dare to.

    There are also numerous doubters who may actually mean well with you, but only reinforce your self-doubts and fears. Make them aware of them, put them in their place if necessary, or avoid contact altogether.

  • Do your research carefully

    Do your research and gather all the information you need for a fresh start. A large amount of information can now be researched on the Internet. Regardless of whether it is about formalities for authorities and institutions, or whether you are looking for information on specialist topics on blogs and with the help of non-fiction.

    Despite all the thoroughness, it is important to make a guide beforehand: What do I want to know, what do I need to know? Simply collecting all the information wildly only leads to the fact that you will eventually be overwhelmed by it and lose the overview. At the same time, it is important that you do your research because this is the only way you can make informed decisions.

  • Learn to let go

    Part of the process of starting over is letting go. This is particularly difficult for some people. As mentioned, the fear of new things and the potential risk of failure is usually behind this. But nostalgia is also spreading: it wasn't all bad after all, there were also good times.

    All of this should have its justification and should be valued. Letting go is a process that doesn't happen overnight. So if you experience phases of sadness, anger, joy and curiosity about something new in between, this is completely normal.

    That should neither lead to you throwing away your planned new beginning, let alone rush everything now.

  • Start (over)

    The most important thing about starting over is that you start with it. The many small steps that you have outlined in your plan are part of the whole. This applies to the first pound falling as well as to researching a new apartment or another job.

    At a certain point it becomes very easy, because small changes are not as scary as big ones, but can still have a positive effect and motivate you to persevere. If you get the first sense of achievement - the landlord will call you back, you can roughly communicate in the new foreign language or receive an invitation to an interview - then you will come closer and closer to your goal.

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