How to warm up fried catfish

Prepare the catfish fillet properly

Dear friends - I don't want to know a specific recipe, but the principle why Mother's meat always gets so dry!

My mother braises every roast (except pan-fried food, of course) on the gas flame, never in the baking oven - she learned from your mother in Silesia!

  • She fries it in the roaster on each side - almost half an hour in total!

  • then boiling water on it, first for 1 kg of meat a 3/4 liter, let it boil down on a medium flame for 25 minutes, then turn again and add a 3/4 liter and again almost half an hour. Let it simmer until it has a thick sauce.

Of course she has now done the same with the holiday roast duck legs and rabbit legs. And the result: Although braised in liquid for 1 hour! Dry and firm!

As I said: I don't want any recipes! (There are enough on the net) but a well-founded analysis of a cook, or an experienced leisure cook, preferably with a scientific explanation of the difference of opinion between my mother and me:

A) She says she just has to "boil" the thighs longer (she does the same for pork or beef roast or fillet) - then they would be softer

B) My hypothesis: the opposite is the case - the longer it is "braised" in a lot of water, the drier and firmer the meat becomes. Because I suspect that the fat and collagen are boiled with so much water when braising and go into the sauce! Of course the sauce is great then - but the meat is dry.

C) I think: sauté for a shorter time (10 min with vegetables), deglaze only with a little (1/2 liter) stock and cook on the flame instead of 1 hour, rather cook 2 hours in the closed roaster in the oven on low heat - in turn once in the middle and pour the SUd over it every 20 minutes. I think then the meat would stay juicier?