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Real Crime Special Issue Convicted Innocent

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Wrongly convicted

Innocent people are charged, labeled criminals by the police using dubious interrogation methods, and the media are rashly bringing them to trial. The Real Crime special “Innocent - Wrongly Condemned” is dedicated to the nightmarish true stories in which people from all over the world and from all walks of life are accused of crimes that they did not commit. We take a detailed look at sloppy policing, expose corruption, provide false witnesses and reveal other flaws in the legal system that have put these people in custody or even on death row.

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    In this edition:

    • Talk already!
      Why do people confess to crimes they did not commit? The holy grail of American interrogation technology is increasingly coming under fire in the face of numerous false confessions.
    • Trial in court
    • The Dreyfus Affair
      His arrest and conviction for treason shook the world at the fin de siècle - but how could he be released without losing face to the French authorities?
    • The body in Lawson’s Bush
      In 1959 Canada sentenced a 14-year-old boy to death for the murder of a school girl. A public outcry saved him from the hangman, but it took 47 years for the government to admit that the conviction was a "miscarriage of justice".
    • Not a working man ... "
      When James Richardson's seven children were murdered, he lost his wife, his freedom and almost even his life to a racist system that refused to let him go.
    • The "Icelandic Six"
      Iceland's most successful criminal investigation degenerated into a hair-raising miscarriage of justice when six innocent people were forced to confess to crimes they had never committed.
    • Blood, fame & honor
      The extremely charismatic pathologist Bernard Spilsbury secured one conviction after the next for the prosecutor. But how many of the judgments came wrongly because of him?
    • The end of freedom for the child murderer
      The 16-year-old Janet Commins rapist and murderer believed he could get away with the act ... especially after someone else was convicted of the crime.
    • Dead man walking
      In 1982 Nick Yarris was sentenced to death for a crime he did not commit. He was released in 2003. He now talks to Real Crime about his lost years of life, abuse and the feeling of constantly having death in front of his eyes.
    • Seaman finally relieved
      Keith Harward spent more than three decades behind bars for rape and murder he did not commit.
    • Central Park Five
      When racism poisoned New York City, five boys fell victim to a terrified society.
    • Who Shot Jill Dando?
      Was it the jealous ex-boyfriend, gang member, or crazy fan who hated the Crimewatch host so much that he murdered her in front of her own house?
    • Amanda Knox
      The murder of Meredith Kercher and Knox ’media conviction is one of the most shameful cases of the new millennium. How could this happen? Have we lost sight of the real sacrifice?
    • Process through the media
    • Murder by misogyny
      When Alma Rattenbury was acquitted of murder of her own husband, the British press chose to play the judge. This brought about the death of the innocent.
    • O.J.S murder accomplice
      Does “Charlie” know what exactly happened during what may be the most famous American murders? Two veterans who worked on the OJ Simpson case speak for the first time about the neglected witness.
    • Strangled by the neighbor
      For the young architect Joanna Yeates, who disappeared into her apartment after a weekend at Christmas 2010, danger lurked next door. What drove her seemingly honest and decent neighbor to attack a woman he had never met before?

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