Why don't you watch TV anymore

Translation of "You are not watching television" in English

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You look that constantly in watch TV.
Lúvík, I know that you no tv more look, but in case you should listen, I was so confused ...
This is what you wear when you are alone Watching TV.
I wouldn't love her submitted TV out: You look my favorite soccer game.
I wouldn't love her submitted TV out: You look my favorite soccer game. Are you not satisfied with that: How about a book or the door?
If I didn't love my wife, one TV would be enough: You will watch my favorite football game, if you are not happy, how is the book or the door?
First, you look the wrong news channel.
You look me top to bottom man
You look don't look at that again.
I keep still while you look.
And you look from outside to.
You lookwhether we need anything else.
You look like an old piss pot from the laundry.
You look totally bummed out of the laundry.
You look like a dog trying to do long division.
You look but more remote than I play.
You look just ... always so bad.
You just look... angry all the time.
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