On what basis are Twitter accounts checked

What is twitter Basics: Twitter for Business - Part 1

The basic formula for a good tweet: The shorter the better. The point is not to fill in the 140 characters, but to write a short text that is as concise and concise as possible. A precise message is more promising for social media marketing with Twitter as wanting to communicate several things at the same time. If you want to provide further information, you can do so on your own website or blog and simply link to it in the tweet.

Hashtags, pictures and videos add value to a tweet. The inclusion of Polls, statistics and links provides an informative value. A personal tone activates the followers and creates a positive relationship with them. After all, it is timingthat can be the final factor in the success or failure of a tweet.

But what should you tweet at all? Both Content of a tweet Above all, versatility and ingenuity are required: In particular, the added value for the followers should always be in the foreground. If you want to convince with information, you tweet news from the industry, current company information, press releases, specialist articles or refer to study results relevant to the industry. Surveys on current topics are also popular with users.

If you want to build a more personal relationship with your followers or rather entertain them instead of informing them, you can too Share anecdotes from your own work or the everyday life of employees or ask the followers questions about your everyday life. If you want to use Twitter as a company and stimulate a discussion, it often helps Call-to-Action (such as "Write me what you think of it.") to initiate an exchange.