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BibTeX style for Mesoamericanists

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A problem with the creation of LaTeX documents in the field of Mesoamerican Studies is the lack of a BibTeX style that uses the common form (e.g. in Mexicon, often also referred to as "American citation").
Here's an example:

Pit, Nikolai
1990 Companies of the Holy Cross - Military alliances among the Cruzoob Maya of Quintana Roo, Mexico. In: Men's Gangs, Men's Gangs: On the Role of Men in a Cultural Comparison, ed. by G. Völger, Vol. 2, 259-266. Cologne: Rautenstrauch-Jost Museum.

Since I was faced with this problem, but under no circumstances wanted to forego the advantages of an automatically generated bibliography, I changed an existing BibTeX style (humannat) so that it corresponds to the convention of this subject.

BibTeX style meso

To use the BibTeX style provided here, the following commands must be used in the document:

Since this is more or less a quick hack, the specification must be used unchanged, unless the position of the date or the subsequent indentation is to be changed. In this case, however, it is recommended that appropriate changes are also made in the style file itself.

The style file is available for download here:

meso.bst version 0.32 from November 16, 2015

I am always open to questions, requests, suggestions, just email me!

This Bibtex style is now also available in an english language version. It provides you with a Bibtex style that is commonly used in Anthropology journals and books e.g. American Anthropologist, Latin American Antiquity and many others. To use it, include the following two lines in your LaTeX source code:

Note, that these lengths are currently set for a character size of 11pt! To download the bibtex style, click the link below:

meso_en.bst Version 0.32 - November 16, 2015