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Hypocritical - What is it? To be hypocritical means to pretend or pretend something.

Be hypocritical


This quality is often used in relation to feelings: you can pretend to someone that you have compassion or even love without actually feeling it. One can also feign humility and admiration. But hypocrisy is also hypocrisy: one conveys an image of oneself to the outside world that does not arise from reality. Hypocritical comes from the verb hypocrisy, which may come from huken or squat, i.e. make yourself smaller than you are. In that sense, it meant making yourself small and submissive. Luther already used the word hypocrite as "pretending to be, speaking and acting insincere and hypocritical". Love is a deep longing even for someone who is hypocritical or who appears to be so.

Dealing with people who are hypocritical

What does hypocritical mean? How can you avoid being hypocritical yourself? And how do you deal with people who you find hypocritical? On the one hand, hypocrisy means not telling the truth. Hypocrisy can mean saying something that is not true, pretending to be something that is not. You may know hypocritical people who sneak into others and want to make good friends. They tell you how bad this person is, and when they are with this person they say: "Oh, you are so great!".

You can give hypocritical praise and tell someone how great he / she has done something, and behind the scenes you say, "Bad guy!". You can say you are going to do things and the truth is, you have no intention of doing it. It's just hypocritical. So these are hypocritical behaviors.

In yoga, first of all, you shouldn't lie. Satya - truthfulness - is an important ethical foundation in yoga, but of course not only in yoga. “You shouldn't lie” is one of the Ten Commandments. And so we also find it in Judaism and Christianity. We find it in Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, and almost every other religion.

Even so, people are hypocritical. But also be careful about portraying someone as hypocritical too soon. After all, people are also complex. At the moment someone is with another person, they can definitely consider them to be good and feel appreciation for them. But then it can also be that - when the person is gone again - suddenly one has a different sensation again. You don't need to blame such a person for being hypocritical, you could assume they have different points of view. Nevertheless, I would recommend to you: “Do not hypocrite, but be truthful!” That does not mean that you should hurl your opinion at everyone. You don't have to tell someone everything you think and know. Sometimes it's good to be silent.

In the Manu Smriti, an ancient Indian script, one can find something that is also found in the Talmud, and also in Islam:

Before you say anything, consider: is it true? If it isn't true, you shouldn't say it. Second, ask yourself: does it help? If it doesn't help, leave it. Third, is it friendly? If it's not kind, don't say it. With that in mind, if you know anything that is not necessary to be said and offends the other, then don't say it. But you don't have to be hypocritical and try to compliment the other person when it isn't. It is better to actually express honestly understood appreciation to the other than to constantly give praise for something that is not meant to be. At the latest when the other person finds out that you don't mean it, they will be skeptical. So don't be hypocritical, be honest and open! But you don't have to say everything either. And there are some things you can say more kindly than just straight out.

Hypocritical is an adjective related to hypocrisy. You can find more about this trait, including tips on dealing with hypocrisy in yourself or others, including video lectures, under the main keyword hypocrisy.

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Hypocritical in relation to other properties

Hypocritical is an adjective that describes a personality trait, a trait that is often counted among the downsides or even among the vices. The best way to understand a property is to relate it to other properties, to similar properties (synonyms) and opposites (antonyms).

Synonyms hypocritical - similar properties

Synonyms for the adjective hypocritical are, for example, insidious, hypocritical, malicious, insincere, devious, untruthful, mean, friendly, secret, covert. And there are synonyms of this property that are considered positive, e.g. friendly, secret, covert.

Opposites of hypocritical - antonyms

Opposites, i.e. antonyms, of hypocritical are, for example, truthful, open, honest, straightforward.

The antonyms can also be divided into those with a positive meaning, which stand for virtues, and those with a negative meaning. Opposites too hypocritical with positive meaning are e.g. truthful, open, honest, straightforward. One can also say: An important antipole or important antipole to hypocrisy is truthfulness, honesty.

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Words related to hypocrisy and hypocritical

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  • Positive synonyms for hypocrisy are for example [[]].
  • Positive antonyms are truthfulness, honesty.
  • * A related verb is hypocrite, a noun agent is hypocrite

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