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What does configure mean? The meaning simply explained

As a professional you use the term “configure” so often that you don't even think about it anymore. It is not clear to everyone what configuration actually means. We explain the term to you, which does not only exist in the computer world.

When you buy a car online, you will find a "configurator". But what does “configure” actually mean? The configurator already indicates it. There you put together your individual model from the different type variants. And so configuration actually means nothing more than “design” or “design”. But it becomes more understandable if you translate it as “adapt”.

This is also called configuration. So you can set your own tone on WhatsApp:

What can you configure and what does that mean?

In principle, configuration is about choosing the setting options that suit you best from the available setting options.

Example: You can configure your smartphone. This means that you can, for example, adjust the background images and the ringtone, arrange the order of the apps, install new apps and uninstall others or ban them from the start screen. Finally, you set your own password, take pictures for Face ID or fingerprints for Touch ID. As soon as you are finished and satisfied with the settings, your mobile phone is configured.

If you are a Auto configured, then you put together an individual model from the available basic models and the various equipment variants.

In both cases, configuration means that you are in a standard starting position and then use the adjustable and adjustable options for adaptation. Basically, configuration means that it is an initial setting of a new or adopted system based on your own preferences or user habits.

Data protection settings are also part of the configuration:

How does the configuration work?

Configuration means first of all that you have a basic or factory setting and you want to change it now. With some settings you are relatively flexible. For example, when configuring a smartphone. But it's not just about the big picture, it's about the various individual components.

When you configure a cell phone, this means, among other things, the type, amount and arrangement of the apps. But individual apps can also be configured. For example, you can set an email app to always show the inbox of a specific account. Or the Sparkassen app so that you can unlock it with your fingerprint instead of a PIN. That is also called "configure".

How these settings, i.e. this configuration, are saved depends on the respective program, app or operating system. Many settings of Windows and its programs are saved in the registry. Some programs use a "configuration file" in which all settings are stored. You can save it and use it later for another installation of the same program.

Programs, apps and device start and look in their settings to see how you have configured them. And if they are damaged, you just have to reconfigure everything again.

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