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Rules of the state

Any game is only fun if everyone obeys the rules. Otherwise it won't work. It is the same with people living together, in families, at school, at work and in the whole country. The rules of a state are the laws. They are made by people.

Rules of life of the religions

The rules of life of the religions existed even before the state laws. They were handed down with faith and tell people what is good or bad and what is right and what is wrong and how people should live. Some rules are strict and dictate a lot. In other religions, people get by with fewer rules.

Basic Law and Ten Commandments

Since the followers of the religions are all also residents of a state, they make the laws of the state. Often, intentionally or unconsciously, they take over much of the familiar precepts of their religion. It is the same in Germany. Mostly Christians live here. Therefore, many basic rights and laws are similar to the instructions in the Ten Commandments.

Laws in the German state

Jesus says:

"Love thy neighbor as thyself".

German Basic Law, Article 1

(1) Human dignity is inviolable. It is the duty of all state authorities to respect and protect them.
(2) The German people are therefore committed to inviolable and inalienable human rights as the basis of every human community, of peace and justice in the world.
Articles 20 and 28 also state that the German state must take care of the social justice of its citizens. So he should make sure that everyone is fine. 1 bid:
I am the Lord your God. Thou shalt have no other gods before me. Religious freedom
German Basic Law, Article 4:

(1) Freedom of belief, conscience and freedom of religious and ideological creed are inviolable. 2nd commandment:
Do not abuse the name of the Lord your God. insult
Criminal Code, Section 166

(1) Anyone who publicly or through the dissemination of writings ... insults the content of the religious or ideological creed of others in a way that is likely to disturb the public peace will be punished with imprisonment for up to three years or with a fine. 3rd commandment:
You should keep the holiday holy. Every federal state has its own law on Sundays and public holidays.
4th commandment:

Honor your father and mother. family
Civil Code, Section 1626:

(1) The parents have the duty and the right to care for the minor child 5th commandment:
You should not kill. Kill
Criminal Code, Section 212:

(1) Anyone who kills a person ... is punished with imprisonment ... not for less than five years. 6th commandment:
You shall not commit adultery. marriage
German Basic Law, Article 6:

(1) Marriage and the family are under the special protection of the state order. 7th commandment:
You shall not steal. theft
Criminal Code, Section 242:

(1) Anyone who takes away another person's movable property from another person with the intention of unlawfully appropriating the property to himself or to a third party shall be punished with imprisonment for up to five years or with a fine.
(2) The attempt is punishable.

8th commandment:

You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor. Defamation
Criminal Code, Section 187:

Anyone who, against his better judgment, asserts or disseminates an untrue fact in relation to another, which is likely to make the same disparaging or disparaging in public opinion or to jeopardize his credit, is sentenced to imprisonment for up to two years or a fine and, if the act publicly, in a meeting or by distributing writings ... is punished with imprisonment of up to five years or a fine.