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Motivate talent through digital recruiting events

Implications for motivating young talents to take part in events

Organizers of recruiting events must therefore not only make it their task to advertise their events online, but also to digitize their formats. This happens either completely (e.g. virtual career fairs) or partially (e.g. talentefinder). A complete digitization minimizes the necessary effort for potential applicants, since, for example, no geographical movement is necessary. A serious disadvantage, however, is that no personal interaction is possible and the event is therefore quite anonymous.

However, individuality is very important to the younger generations Y and Z, which is why supplementing the analog formats with digital tools that enable initial contact appears to be a suitable alternative. The effort to drive to an event is not eliminated, but the participants rate the benefits of the event higher. Ultimately, the visitors of the event receive positive feedback in advance from the company through the digital interaction, e.g. with talentefinder. This gives you a greater incentive to drive to the event and you are therefore more motivated to actually take part in the event.

Companies and recruiters who are also interested in greater digitization of career fairs at which they are involved can actively approach the organizers. Increased demand for digital solutions also motivates them to meet their customer requirements.

The example of such a partially digitized career fair shows you how young talents could be motivated to participate.