What does Jimin's song Serendipity mean

Intro: Serendipity German translation
of BTS

Intro: Serendipity Lyrics translation

None of this is a coincidence
I just go with the flow
The world is different from yesterday
Just by your joy

When you call me
I come to your flower
As if I waited
We bloom until it gets cold
Maybe this is the way of the universe
That's the way it is
You know i know
You are me, i am you

I'm scared just as much as my heart flutters
Because fate continues to be jealous of us
I'm just as scared as you are
When you see me
When you touch me

The universe moved for us
Without overlooking a single thing
Because our happiness was planned
Because you love me
And I love you

You are my penicillin
You saved me
My angel, my world

I am your calico cat
Here to meet you
Love me now, touch me now

Just let me love you
Just let me love you
Even before the universe was created
Everything was planned
Just let me love you

let me Love You
let me Love You

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