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Instruments for beginners

Learning a musical instrument is a great thing: It trains concentration and receptivity, helps to make contacts and - by the way - is also incredibly fun. “Making music” recently received scientific support from a long-term study carried out at primary schools in Berlin. The study provides scientific evidence that children and young people making music increase their IQ value, improve their social behavior, perform well at school and compensate for poor concentration. Sounds great!

But one small problem remains: Which instrument should one learn? Well-trained music teachers and taking part in music schools like the early musical education or basic musical training can help children and parents to find the right instrument. Adolescents and adults (and of course also children) offer trial courses the opportunity to test different instruments.

In order to give you the best possible support with your decision in advance, we have compiled the most important information about the most popular instruments in the following online guide. In addition to information about the respective construction and origin, you will also find important decision-making aids such as the best starting age, volume level when practicing, etc.

Our online guide extends over several pages - you can also select a particularly interesting topic directly from the table of contents.

Have fun while reading!

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