Is Michael Vogel a Jew?

There must be no anti-Semitic film censorship in Hamburg!

What happened on Sunday, October 25th, 2009 between 2 and 4 p.m. in Hamburg's Brigittenstrasse is almost unbelievable. The B-Movie cinema located there wanted to show the film "Why Israel" by Claude Lanzmann in cooperation with a left-wing initiative. This was prevented by a group of anti-imperialists and Israel-haters from the »Internationalist Center B5« in the front building of the cinema with threats, insults and the use of force.

In the leaflet distributed on site, the documentation was also defamed as a “Zionist propaganda film”. "Why Israel" is a film by the French living Jew Lanzmann, whose monumental work "Shoah" made an immensely important contribution to the memory of the victims of the Holocaust. The director also fought actively against National Socialism in the Resistance. Lanzmann said about "Why Israel" from 1973 »This film has a common thread, namely: What is it: normality? (...) In 'Why Israel' I show that normality is actually what is abnormal. " In 2009, some Hamburg “leftists” perceive this as a provocation!

The operators of the B-movie were forbidden to enter and open their own cinemas, denied any conversation and instead threatened with violence. The B-movie was therefore forced to cancel the performance. But even after the rejection, the audience remaining in front of the closed cinema was insulted (in one case, tellingly, as "Jewish pigs"). In addition, moviegoers were physically assaulted and at least three guests were injured by punches.

Something like that mustn't happen! Not only that the program freedom of Hamburg's cultural workers was interfered with by film censors. It is unbearable that the presentation of a documentary by Claude Lanzmann and a conversation about his work fell victim to such hustle and bustle.

We stand behind the affected cinema and its intention to show "Why Israel" on its premises as well. The undersigned support the organizers in the alternative performance of "Why Israel" on December 13, 2009 at 4 pm.

We condemn such forms of cultural censorship, all anti-Semitism and hatred of Israel!

First signatory (01.12.2009): Claude Lanzmann, filmmaker, Paris • Dr. Christine Achinger, University of Warwick • Sharon Adler, editor AVIVA-Berlin • Jan Philipp Albrecht, MEP, Green MEP for Hamburg • Arachne • Neuengamme Working Group - German Association of Survivors of Neuengamme Concentration Camp • Mickey Aron, Berlin • Distomo Working Group • Associazione Delle Talpe , Bremen • Audiolith Records • B_Books, Berlin • BAK Shalom of Left Youth ['solid] • Dr. Ralf Balke, historian and publicist • Beatpunk Webzine • Volker Beck, Member of the Bundestag, Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen • Roger Behrens, author • Prof. Dr. Russell Berman, Stanford University • Anat Bleiberg, Head of Social Affairs, Berlin Jewish Community • Prof. Dr. Gabriel Brahm, Central European University, Budapest • Prof. Dr. Micha Brumlik, University of Frankfurt / M. • Sebastian Brux, journalist • Byte.FM • Prof. Dr. Detlef Claussen, University of Hanover • Margit Czenki, filmmaker • Karl-Heinz Dellwo, filmmaker • Arnaud Desplechin, director, Paris • Prof. Diedrich Diederichsen, Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna • Franziska Drohsel, federal chairwoman of the Jusos • Christian Duncker, assistant for communication and organization • Thomas Ebermann, publicist • Prof. em. Dr. Wolfgang Eismann, University of Graz • Almut Engelien, radio journalist • Gabriela Fenyes, journalist • Johanna Fischle • Free Workers Union (FAU) Hamburg • Free Sender Kombinat (FSK) • Thierry Frémaux, Artistic Director of the Cannes Film Festival • Floods • Stefanie Galla • Nicola Galliner, festival director, Jewish Film Festival Berlin • Patrick Gensing, journalist • Ralph Giordano, writer, Cologne • Shelly Gottlieb, Frankfurt • Romain Goupil • Eva-Deborah and Uwe Granzow • Prof. Dr. Michael Th. Greven, University of Hamburg • Dr. Elvira Grözinger, University of Potsdam • Prof. em. Dr. Karl E. Grözinger, University of Potsdam • Hall for Art Lüneburg • Hate Mag • Shimrit Härtl, Chairwoman of DIG Munich • Friedrich Hansen, Gabriel Riesser Foundation, London • Stefan Hensel, Vice President of the German-Israeli Society • Prof. Dr. Jeffrey Herf, University of Maryland • Ruben Herzberg, chairman of the Hamburg Jewish Community • Brigitte Jaques, director, Paris • Jan Jetter, education officer of the Working Group of Independent Youth Associations / Failure Reporters • Pascal Jurt • Anetta Kahane, chairwoman of the Antonio Amadeu Foundation • Sven- Christian Kindler, Member of the Bundestag, Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen • Serge and Beate Klarsfeld, Les Fils et Filles des Deportés Juifs de France, Paris • Dr. Martin Kloke, Berlin • Andreas Koch, Yad Achat board member • Konkret - magazine for politics and culture • Dr. Karin König, Hamburg Institute for Social Research • Jan Korte, Member of the Bundestag, Die Linke • Hans-Jürgen Köster, Männerschwarm bookstore • Regine and Hinrich Krahnstöver • Dr. Wolfgang Kraushaar, Hamburg Institute for Social Research • Prof. Dr. Sven Kramer, University of Lüneburg • Mary Kreuzer, author • Matthias Küntzel, political scientist • Werner Labisch, Verbrecher Verlag • Sergey Lagodinsky, spokesman for the Working Group of Jewish Social Democrats • LAK Shalom of Left Youth [‘solid], Hamburg • Dr. Klaus Lederer, Die Linke state chairman, Berlin • Lesbian and gay film days Hamburg • Bernard Henry Lévy, philosopher, Paris • LIGNA, artist group • Ulrike Litschel • Dr. Bella Luirik, Scientific Society at the Jewish Community in Berlin • Christoph Lütgert, chief reporter for television, NDR • Prof. Dr. Viktor Mairanowski, Scientific Society at the Berlin Jewish Community • Prof. Dr. Andrei S. Markovits, University of Michigan • Dr. Heinz Maaß, Karlsruhe • Meerwert Platten • Adelheid Meyner • Missy Magazine • Dr. Sonja Mönkedieck, Catholic Charities, New York • • Cem Özdemir, Federal Chairman of Alliance 90 / The Greens • Opak Magazin • Thomas von der Osten-Sacken, publicist, Frankfurt aM • Diethard Pallaschke, Scholars for Peace in the Middle East (Germany) • Petra Pau, Vice President of the German Bundestag, Die Linke • Peggy Parnass, publicist • Prof. Dr. Anton Pelinka, Central European University, Budapest • Rosa Perutz, anti-national artist group • Lilia Rosenstock Alfaro • Parts of the plenary session of the Rote Flora • Maximilian Pichl, member of the federal board of the Green Youth • Political Office • Prof. Dr. Moishe Postone, University of Chicago • re [h] tro-womens day at FSK • Angela Richter, theater director • Nicolas Saada, journalist and filmmaker, Paris • Levi Salomon, representative of the Berlin Jewish community for combating anti-Semitism • Hans Martin Schäfer • Winfried Schebesch, Chairman of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation Hamburg • Helmut Schert • Thomas Schmidinger, Chairman of the IG external lecturers and freelance scientists, Vienna • Schroeter and Berger, Office for Solutions • Prof. Dr. Stefanie Schüler-Springorum, Director of the Institute for the History of German Jews • Julia Seeliger, taz online • Wolfgang Seibert, Chairman of the Pinneberg Jewish Community • Spex - Magazine for Pop Culture • Prof. Dr. Gerhard Stapelfeldt, University of Hamburg • Sibylle Stoler • Jörg Sundermeier, Verbrecher Verlag • Lala Süsskind, chairwoman of the Jewish community in Berlin • Prof. Dr. Valery Tatarsky, Scientific Society at the Jewish Community in Berlin • Testcard • Tocotronic • Serge Toubiana, Director of the Cinémathèque française • Prof. Dr. Christoph Türcke, University of Graphics and Book Art, Leipzig • Evil & Dangerous • Prof. em. Dr. Barbara Vogel, University of Hamburg • Michael Vogel, retired judge • Prof. Dr. Gerard Wajcman, author, psychoanalyst, professor, Université Paris 8, Paris • Florian Waldvogel, director of the Kunstverein in Hamburg • Dr. Jeff Weintraub, Political Sociologist, University of Pennsylvania • Dalia Wissgott-Moneta • Elke Wittich, journalist, Berlin • Daniella Wutz and family • Prof. Dr. Svetlana Zhukowa, Scientific Society at the Jewish Community in Berlin •