Who started an ICO?

BlockEx will clean up the ICO (Initial Coin Offering) market

LONDON, April 23 / PRNewswire / - BlockEx introduces BlockEx ICO Market - a place where you can list compliant and high-quality ICOs and trade with them. BlockEx will provide a full compliant ICO product offering for companies looking to launch an ICO. BlockEx will bring the governance and legal framework of its regulated activities into the ICO environment in order to create a safe market for all participants. It will add ICOs to the products listed on the BlockEx Digital Asset Exchange Platform (DAxP). DAxP manages the entire life cycle of blockchain-based digital assets. It has tool kits for wealth creation, customer service, deal execution, access to exchange trading and automated reporting. BlockEx is on friendly terms with regulators: they are in the "FCA Sandbox" (Financial Conduct Authority) to test bond issuance tools and in the "AIFC Sandbox" to test security-based tokens.

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The "BlockEx ICO Market" was launched in response to the problems in the ICO environment:

  • Absence of AML (anti-money laundering) and KYC (know your customer) = money laundering and risk of fraud
  • Fluctuations in the cryptocurrency = issuers do not manage the funds efficiently and buyers face exchange rate risks
  • Lack of governance = huge sums of money invested in ideas in white papers with no guarantee that they will hit the market
  • Projects have been suspended to create ICOs that act like securities, but without proper authorization
  • Past and current fraudulent ICOs have created suspicion
  • Unfair tokens: ICO participants with a relationship with the issuer are often preferred
  • The lack of fiat financing options

BlockEx has solved these problems. The Pot Allocation System runs on their platform during the ICO presale. If a pre-sale is oversubscribed, the tokens will be allocated as a percentage of the amounts subscribed. Everyone gets tokens. The BlockEx ICO offers the "Digital Asset Exchange Token (DAXT)" It gives all owners access to the aforementioned allocation system. BlockEx maintains institutional AML, KYC and security strategies for all services, products and merchants. They connect issuers with the token issuing company and third party treasury management services so that the funds are serviced and used appropriately. BlockEx have created the IDAXT, an internal purpose-built token that automatically transfers different types of financing (fiat or cryptocurrency) on-chain. Other advantages of the "BlockEx ICO Market" are complete "Fiat on rails" and an immediate secondary market

More information: daxt.io

About BlockEx

"BlockEx's Digital Asset Platform (DAxP)" is an institutional exchange with blockchain wealth creation, dematerialization and lifecycle management tools. Offices in London, Bulgaria, Taiwan and Israel.


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