How many runways does Schiphol have

Amsterdam: more flights than London

AMSTERDAM - Amsterdam continues to develop rapidly. 4.8 million more passengers traveled on the hub's six runways in 2017 than in the previous year. The lead over Frankfurt is thus consolidated and Amsterdam almost caught up with Paris CDG.

Schiphol, the base for KLM and SkyTeam, reports a passenger increase of 7.7 percent to 68.4 million for 2017. No other hub in Europe can boast more growth. In just two years, Amsterdam increased its passenger volume by 10.2 million passengers.

Although Frankfurt - with a tailwind from Lufthansa and Ryanair - reports 64.5 million passengers and thus a respectable increase of 6.1 percent for 2017, Amsterdam pulled away and is now even Paris on its heels: only one million passengers separate them Airports.

Like Frankfurt, Amsterdam is expanding its capacities with a third terminal that will be available in 2023. A cap on flight movements to 500,000 per year, which is intended to contain noise and air pollution, threatens to slow down the airport. As early as 2017, Amsterdam rolled dangerously close to this stop line with 496,000 take-offs and landings.

Last year the airport handled 22,000 more flights than London Heathrow, which carried 78 million passengers on two lanes. The use of larger aircraft tickled a 3.1 percent increase out of the chronically congested Heathrow. London expects relief from a third runway in 2025 at the earliest.

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