What is crystal meth psychosis

Crystal meth: consequences for the body and mind

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Written by Wiebke Posmyk • Medical editor

The Dependency potential of crystal meth is considered to be very high: Consumers feel extremely strong pressure to take the drug again (so-called craving). How quickly such an addiction develops depends on several factors, including the person himself. Addicts have to take higher and higher doses quickly in order to still feel the same effect.

To the Withdrawal symptoms include restlessness, tiredness and severe sleep disorders. Those affected are in a bad mood, they feel depressed.

Because a consumer does not perceive needs such as hunger or tiredness and, moreover, his own strength overrated, it may result in after taking crystal meth physical and mental breakdown come.

Long-term consumption

Long-term use of methamphetamine can cause significant health damage. The consequences of taking crystal meth depend in particular on the form of consumption, the duration of intake and the dose.

Possible consequences and complications include, for example:

Crystal meth is considered to be "neurotoxic": With prolonged use, nerve cells that react to the messenger substances dopamine and serotonin die, which can lead to nerve damage in the brain.

Crystal meth is particularly problematic to be taken at the same time as other substances. For example, the additional consumption of hallucinogens can lead to a so-called horror trip.


Especially with frequent use of crystal meth there is a risk of a so-called Amphetamine psychosis develop that can be associated with delusions, hallucinations, and anxiety.

The symptoms of such a psychosis appear just a few minutes after consumption and can last for several days - but also for a few weeks to months.