Why has my AdSense account been deactivated

Beware: Google Adsense scams and account suspension

I would like to use this to warn the Internet community and website operators against a scam with Google Adsense.
For a few months now I have been placing Google Adsense advertising blocks on several websites
and had taken about 35 euros during that time, I thought.

Deactivation and blocking of my Google Adsense account

Unfortunately, Google sent me the following email last week: 13.06. 2011
This message was sent from an email address that was only available to
Notification purposes and therefore no incoming e-mails
receives. Therefore, do not reply to this message.
Dear AdSense customer,

after examining our documents, we have come to the conclusion that
Your AdSense account is at risk from illegal activity.
Because we protect our AdWords advertisers from excessive costs
due to illegal activity, we have your
AdSense account disabled. The remaining account balance as well as the
Google's share of revenue will be given to the advertisers concerned

We are forced to take this step in order to increase the efficiency of the
Google's ad system and especially the positive relationship
between advertiser and publisher. We are
we are aware of the inconvenience you may experience and
thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

If you have any concerns or questions about these measures, as well as for information about
invalid activities or about how you object to them
Make a decision, call you
With best regards
Your Google AdSense team

For me, this is fraud and theft for the following reasons:

- No information about the reasons or where did the alleged clicks come from and how and by whom were they caused (if there were any)
- Immediate blocking of the account and retention of the total amount. No possibility of support to clarify the matter
- With these business practices, I also dare to doubt whether the amounts will go back to the advertisers with this behavior. The possibility of objection was granted but also answered with a standard mail (see below) without anyone reading the objection, because the questions asked were not responded to or received at all.
- After the objection has been made, there is no longer any possibility of proceeding against the decision. With the blocking one no longer has access to the data or the number of clicks and is therefore deprived of any evidence and records in order to be able to carry out investigations or has no way of answering questions in the objection form in detail.

Question of guilt unclear, no explanation from Google

At no time have I made clicks myself (apart from a maximum of 3 clicks at the very beginning whether the built-in code works), nor did I encourage other people to click on my ads, or I don't use any programs that execute clicks or link exchange programs, and I don't care at all Way of having deliberately violated the guidelines in any way. It is also quite easy for any competing website operator to kick one from the Adsense program with several clicks and this for life.

Are there more people affected? Contact me!

On the Internet I found a lot of former Google Adsense users who experienced the same thing, sometimes with much higher amounts, after applying for a payout, which is even more annoying and certainly the number of those cheated by Google in this way is far greater.
Please contact me if you have had the same or similar experiences with this company and publish your experiences. Such business conduct must be stopped or at least many users must be warned about this and prepared for such a situation.

My advice to Google Adsense users

You have read the previous lines. Arrange a payout as soon as possible when you reach the payout limit because soon you can have such an email in your mailbox and then all the money is gone in one go, a lawsuit about a few euros and I am thinking against Such a giant also pointless, they always sit on the longer lever. Take a close look at your adsense statistics to see if there are a noticeable number of clicks in a day and often export the data (unfortunately I didn't do it because I was too gullible and because I didn't notice any unusual activities or high number of clicks)

My request to Google Adwords users:

If a user of Google Adwords reads these lines and has ever received a credit from Google for invalid activities, I would be grateful for any information whether a reimbursement has already been made to anyone on the part of Google.

Objection email response from Google:

thanks for your email. June 15 2011

We have received your objection. We thank you for the additional
Information that you have made available to us and your other information
Interested in our AdSense program. After carefully examining your
Account details and feedback, we unfortunately come to the conclusion that we
Can't reactivate your AdSense account.

If you have any questions or doubts about your account or the actions taken
have or generally seek information about illegal activity
want to call you