Does PSYCH K differ from hypnosis

Who of us doesn't know that? We make our best resolutions on New Year's Eve, and by January 3rd they'll be overturned. It is like our conscious will flies gently in one direction like a butterfly, but another force pulls us in the other direction, with the force of a truck.

This power is our subconscious, which controls most of our life processes. Most of the time, this control takes place entirely in the interests of our consciousness. But there are situations in which we stand next to us and think: where is this truck going with me right now? With the PSYCH-K® method you can take countermeasures.

PSYCH-K® stands for psyche and the appended K for kinesiology or Key, Key. It is a self-help method with the purpose of redefining personal beliefs that determine our actions. With PSYCH-K® you can discover hidden convictions and transform them directly into strengthening beliefs. The result is relaxed communication between conscious and subconscious, connected to the aspect of our higher self.

Reprogram your brain! The experiences of our childhood are stored in the brain and influence our subconscious and the resulting behavior. If similar situations occur as we have already experienced before, the subconscious automatically reacts with the behavior pattern learned at the time - regardless of whether this reaction is appropriate in this situation or not.

PSYCH-K® consists of diverse processes that we can use on a daily basis - both for others and for ourselves. It is like “mental and energetic brushing of teeth” that serves to bring body, mind and soul into balance. In this respect, PSYCH-K® is more than a method - it is a way.

PSYCH-K® is not just about dissolving blockages, but also showing alternatives. "What do I want instead?"is the crucial question. This question helps us create the life we ​​long for. PSYCH-K® takes into account the fact that our subconscious controls approx. 95% of our processes. At the same time, we know that our consciousness defines us as human beings. PSYCH-K® aligns consciousness and subconsciousness with the same goal. With that we stop sabotaging ourselves.

PSYCH-K® causes rapid subconscious change with simultaneous conscious awareness.

Strengthen your right brain! It is ingenious for us humans that the competencies of our two brain halves interlock like cogwheels and thus combine their perceptions into one. An integrated brain function is a prerequisite for successful learning and living. “Integrated” means that both halves of the brain are used together, complement and optimize each other. In today's “left-brain-dominated” world, that means we should activate and strengthen the right hemisphere. Just as we would limp if we only put full weight on one foot and dragged the other unused, we hinder ourselves if we only live the skills of our left brain hemisphere.

The integration of our two hemispheres with PSYCH-K® creates peace and quiet in our head.

PSYCH-K® questions various myths:

Myth # 1: If I've had a negative belief pattern for a long time, it will take a long time to change.

Myth # 2: Changing old behaviors is often difficult and painful. "No pain no gain!"

Myth # 3: I need to know what's causing a problem in order to fix it.

Many doctors, therapists, alternative practitioners and coaches have been using this successful method for a long time. Dr. Bruce Lipton, cell biologist and best-selling author of "Smart cells“, Is enthusiastic about PSYCH-K®, because compared to many other methods we do not treat symptoms with PSYCH-K®, but ask for their messages. True healing always arises from the power of one who seeks healing. Self-responsibility, self-respect and self-love form the fertile ground for it.

PSYCH-K® job coaching

The method is also suitable for use in professional life. It helps to break established convictions and to achieve professional goals in new ways. This type of coaching deals with topics such as stress reduction, effective communication, teamwork, leadership skills and the balance between work and health.

Possible uses of PSYCH-K®

  • to transform trauma and fears
  • to increase self-confidence and self-esteem and to deeply appreciate and accept yourself
  • to increase self-confidence and to act positively and decisively in life
  • to easily establish and achieve personal or professional goals
  • to create clarity in relationships
  • in order to receive any messages that are carried by physical conditions, allergies, intolerances, situations or personal well-being
  • to transform emotional stress
  • aroundburnout and relieve depression
  • to transform limiting and sabotaging beliefs
  • to dissolve painful memories and to be more peaceful and happier
  • to replace old patterns and behavior towards money with an increased affluence tendency
  • to let go of subconscious resistance and thus to experience the connection to the divine