Why can't WordPress use the PostgreSQL database

MySQL and PostgreSQL databases for your web hosting

To a Backup Of their Database to create, open in Control panel Your domain the category "Backup"and click"Create". In the wizard that follows select the option "Database backup"and the one to be secured Database out. You can also make a complete backup of your web space in this step.

Alternatively, as described above, you can also use the administration open and that Backup above phpMyAdmin carry out.

Now select in the user interface of phpMyAdmin the rider "Export"and select the. in the following dialog Settings how your database should be exported. In the left column, with the name "export"You can do that too exporting Tables and the format of the backup. If you have a full backup the Database leave these settings as they are. The settings in the right column "Options"should only be changed by experienced users.

To now yours Backup to create and to download, select in the lower part of the page the option "Send"and then on"OK". You have now successfully created a backup of your database.

For the security of your data, Domaintechnik® creates an automatic backup of your databases every day. This backup will be kept for you for at least 7 days.