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Faster JavaScript: Google equips V8 engine with TurboFan

Developer Ben L. Titzer posted on the Chromium Blog about plans to further accelerate JavaScript code in Google's Chrome. For some time they have been working on a new compiler for the JavaScript engine V8, which can be found in the browser under the name TurboFan since Chrome 41. It is currently only activated for certain types of JavaScript code, the optimization of which the otherwise used predecessor CrankShaft reaches its limits. This includes asm.js code and class literals.

In the fast lane

Even in its current state, the compiler shows promising results in performance measurements. It was developed from scratch, with advances in the ECMAScript standard and experiments such as the so-called strong mode, an extension of the strict mode for stronger semantics, serving as orientation.

TurboFan can probably optimize more types of code than its predecessor and, according to Titzer, allows the use of flexible and dynamic modes. In addition, from the point of view of his developers, he is better to maintain on the code side and it is easier to contribute to his progress.

In the coming months TurboFan will probably be used for more and more optimizations and ultimately replace CrankShaft completely. More details can be found in the corresponding entry. More information on the project will follow soon. (jul)

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