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Kevin Würterle after falling: Race postponed to 2015

On May 8, Kevin Würterle fell while training on the 1000-meter sand track in Mühldorf, Bavaria, when he broke a rib on the right side of the highsider. Although not fit, the KTM rider competed in the B license in Herxheim on Wednesday.

In the start band training, Würterle slipped at the beginning of the first corner, the fall was not as harmless as it looked. “It was actually a completely normal slip-up, but then it got me upright and my head hit the floor backwards. My helmet also has a huge hole, it was new. Then I somehow fell backwards with both arms on the floor. "

The man from Allgäu decided not to participate in the subsequent races; the race doctor suspected that he had torn his triceps in his right arm. Together with the broken rib in Mühldorf, no good preparation for the Supermoto DM in St. Wendel next weekend. “I have to take every point with me,” says the third in the S2 class. "Now I try not to lose too many places."

Why did you not cure yourself for St. Wendel after your fall in Mühldorf, but instead competed in Herxheim? “Because I felt fit and was fully motivated,” the youngster told SPEEDWEEK.com. “But with little training that is problematic, I have now also seen that. For this year the subject of sand track has been dealt with, maybe again next year. I prefer to train for a year first so I know what the motorcycle does in serious situations. Ever since I first sat on the speedway motorcycle, I've known that it's something completely different. It's not just about driving to the left, it shouldn't be underestimated. The problem is the entrance to the bend: if you drive towards the wall of boards at full throttle, pull over the overcoming, do not take the gas off at 170 km / h and just pull over. In Grossenhain we drive 150 km / h with the Supermoto, but then there is a 180-degree bend. "