How do I just become a YouTuber

In 5 steps to your own YouTube channel

Everybody knows it!

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world and the third most visited website on the entire Internet - after Google and Facebook.

The Google subsidiary has an average of 1,000,000,000 views - every day!

These statistics also show the last skeptic what a reach you can generate with online videos and your own YouTube channel.
But how do you create your first YouTube channel and upload the videos so that they can be seen?

We'll show you in our Step-by-step instructions.

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To your own YouTube channel in just 5 clicks!

Go to the start page of YouTube and click on the "Register" button.

Click # 1 - Sign up on YouTube

Now you can enter the email address of your Google account. This is necessary to use all Google services and thus also YouTube.

Click # 2 - Enter your email address.

Once you have signed in with your Google account, you will be redirected back to the YouTube homepage. Now click on "My Channel" there.

Click # 3 - Click on the "My Channel" tab

A dialog opens asking you to enter your first and last name. However, since you do not want to create a channel for yourself as a private person, select “Company name / Other name”. You will now create a so-called brand account.

Click # 4 - Click Company Name / Other Name to continue

Click Company Name / Other Name to continue.

This differs from a normal Google account in that several people can now use and manage the account. So there is one owner, but (optionally) several administrators. Your employees or business partners can do the tasks or changes on the YouTube channel with their own Google accounts.

So name your new brand account and then click on "create".

Name your new brand account to create your new YouTube channel

Your YouTube channel has now been created and is waiting for your first videos. Now all that's missing is the customization, i.e. your own channel image, channel symbol and the video description. You can make these changes by clicking on the pencil symbol.

Make changes easily with the help of the pencil icon

Customization is everything!

The channel is now ready - but is still waiting to be adjusted by you.

1. The channel picture

The channel image is the image that can be seen directly at the top of the channel page. It is displayed differently on desktop PCs, mobile devices and even televisions.

Important keynotes to consider when creating the channel image:

  • YouTube recommends the format 2560 x 1440 pixels
  • You should place text or your logo in the so-called "Safe Area": ​​1546 x 423 pixels. It guarantees that no matter what device the viewer is watching your channel on, they can always read this information
  • Maximum file size: 4 MB

Formats of the channel picture for YouTube

The channel image is one of the figureheads of your new YouTube channel. It should be designed in your corporate font and CI color. It should also contain the company name and convey special information.

Do you have a slogan that is also reflected in your YouTube videos?

Do you have a regular upload routine planned? Then write down when your viewers can expect a new video.

Are you the only YouTube channel in your industry? Up with it on the channel picture!

2. The channel symbol

The first thing your viewers will see from your YouTube channel is the channel icon. It will be displayed on your channel picture as well as on playback pages or in the YouTube search results. The following specifications must be observed:

  • Image size: 800 x 800 pixels
  • File format: JPG, PNG, BMP or GIF (not animated)

Changing the channel symbol is mandatory!

It is important to know that YouTube will later display the uploaded image as a circle. Accordingly, the central object should be centered in the center of the image. As a company, of course, your own logo is perfect.

The images you upload should be in line with your corporate design. This is how viewers build a connection to you and will recognize you better in the future.

3. The channel description

In the channel description you can introduce yourself and your YouTube channel again.

You can write here what exactly your company does, what topics you discuss in your videos, what your planning for the future is or what the benefits of your videos are.

The channel description is comparable to a profile of your YouTube channel

Do not advertise your products, services or even prices too much if your YouTube channel is part of a content marketing strategy.

  • The channel description is very important for search engines
  • Use relevant keywords
  • Use both specific and general key terms - it's all in the mix!

The use of a YouTube channel for a company is becoming more and more important and relevant, because Bill Gates still sends his regards with his wisdom: Content is king!

YouTube is perfect for positioning yourself as an expert and promoting your own information products or video courses. Simply give free samples of your knowledge and gain the trust of your potential customers and viewers. But even if you want to create your own explanatory film and then present it to the world, YouTube is the number one platform!

Despite the innumerable advantages, there are still few companies on YouTube. That is precisely what makes building your own brand organic relatively easy.

Creating your own channel is one thing, but now distributing the videos in such a way that they can also be seen is another. In our article "5 Ways to Make Your Explanatory Video Known" we will show you how you will win over the first viewers.

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