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High Blood Pressure: Can Ginger Really Lower Blood Pressure?

Opinions vary on whether people with high blood pressure should eat ginger. While there are indications that the spice can lower blood pressure, experts also report a blood pressure-increasing effect. Is ginger good or bad for high blood pressure?

How does ginger work in the human body?

Ginger is very hot and is often used in Asian dishes or curries. Among other things, the spice promotes digestion and the feeling of warmth in the human body. It can also help with headaches and rheumatic complaints, as it inhibits the same enzyme as acetylsalicylic acid. The latter is found in many pain relievers. Ginger is also known and popular as a home remedy for nausea.

What are the side effects of ginger?

Last but not least, ginger also stimulates blood circulation. It is precisely this effect on the cardiovascular system that provides different answers to the question of whether high blood pressure patients should eat ginger. For example, some doctors warn those affected not to consume ginger, as it causes blood pressure to rise. Others point out that this effect only occurs for a short time and that the blood pressure then returns to normal. In addition, the ginger widen the blood vessels, which can also lower blood pressure.

What is certain is that ginger works against one of the risk factors for high blood pressure: by stimulating digestion and fat burning, the spice makes weight loss easier. According to the German Hypertension League, there is also evidence that ginger can lower blood pressure. According to the experts, however, there are no more detailed studies yet.

Ginger for high blood pressure: first ask the doctor

Many high blood pressure patients are understandably puzzled by the different kinds of advice they receive about ginger. Since the effect of ginger on blood pressure has not yet been fully researched and every patient has an individual medical history, as a high blood pressure patient you should first talk to your doctor and clarify whether you should eat dishes seasoned with ginger or not.

The fact that the spice can cause short-term high blood pressure should always be considered in relation to the positive effects the ginger could have on the blood vessels, the weight and thus also on the blood pressure of the respective patient.

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