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Software sales


As the name suggests, software sales is responsible for the marketing and sale of software. This means that he develops customer and market-oriented solutions and sells them.

In the B2B area in particular, but also for customer-specific orders from private customers, the software sales department is also responsible for installing the software as well as for the guidance and support of customers in the post-purchase phase.

The software sales

There were times when software sales were relatively easy, and sometimes even boomed. This was the case, for example, when the computer and the Internet conquered businesses as well as private households and the demand for all kinds of things Software solutions was correspondingly large.

As a result, there were repeated occasions that caused the sales figures to skyrocket, for example the year 2000, the introduction of the euro, the legal requirement that all booking processes must be recorded electronically, or the introduction of electronic tax returns . But now that the market is saturated and no occasions are to be expected that would make it easier for software sales, this is it Software market characterized by strong competition.

Numerous providers with similar offers vie for the favor of the customers, in addition there is the competition from various internet platforms and auction houses. For software sales, this means that it is no longer enough to just offer interesting solutions and good service. It is much more important that the concept of software sales is customer-oriented.

Instructions for software sales

The instructions for a promising strategy for software sales actually sound relatively simple. Software sales must know and understand the wishes, needs and requirements, but also the problems and concerns of its target customers, in order to be able to offer solutions as promptly as possible on this basis that offer customers not only benefits, but real added value.

It is therefore important to determine customer needs, implement them in solution-oriented applications and be faster than the competition in the process.

Advantages and goals

In other words, this means that the goal of software sales must be a win-win situation. From the customer's point of view, there is a win situation when he doesn't just buy a software solution, but realizes that he benefits from the cooperation because it offers him real added value and concrete advantages.

If the solution is average at best, if it does not distinguish itself from the competition, if it does not fully meet the customer's requirements or if the customer even feels ripped off, the opportunity for follow-up business is wasted.

From the point of view of sales, the win situation arises initially through the successful conclusion as such, because the sales employee benefits from the commission, the company from the sales and the software sales department has come a little closer to its targets. But a loose situation can also exist from the point of view of sales. This is not only the case if there is no conclusion, but also if concessions are required for the conclusion, for example in the form of discounts or free additional services.

Strategy and concept for software sales

Software sales that want to be successful therefore need a strategy through which they can reach their customers and which enables them to present customer and solution-oriented applications. At the same time, however, the sales force must also be able to show customers the benefits and added value they have from a deal.

In addition, the goal of software sales must not only be to win new customers, but also to establish and maintain long-term customer relationships in order to ensure long-term corporate success. Two aspects are important in this context. On the one hand, the sales strategy should not only define quantitative, but also qualitative goals. On the other hand, the sales staff should be qualified and motivated enough to be able to answer key questions from customers conclusively and convincingly.

Here, however, it is not just a matter of technical details, but above all of human aspects.

The typical questions asked by customers and the tasks that result from them for the sales representative include the following:

Are my wishes and requirements known?Asking questions, analyzing needs, showing problem-solving skills
How does the solution actually help?Show general benefits and customer-specific added value
Is the solution worth the money? Can't new problems arise?Create a basis of trust, show competence, work out advantages
Why, of all things, this product from this company and at this price?Emphasize unique selling points, demonstrate specific benefits, ensure long-term care and support

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