What is Cristiano Ronaldo's best attribute

10 reasons why Cristiano Ronaldo is the greatest footballer of all time

Is Cristiano Ronaldo the greatest footballer of all time? In this article, we promise to analyze in detail eccentric facts pointing to the making of Cristiano Ronaldo, dubbed "CR7" as one of the best modern players and a leading contender for the title of "The Greatest Ever" ( GOAT) in football.

We review soccer ace Ronaldo's performances, the various antics, as well as the wins and achievements that have made him the favorite of the greatest soccer player of all time. Through rigorous hard work, an iron will, and an eagerness to be the best, Ronaldo's ultimate childhood dream is now a reality that many people around the world resonate with.

From a skinny boy to the tough athlete he is, Ronaldo's path to the height of football success has been fraught with rigorous challenges, but the Portuguese who once assured his father that he would lift his family out of the misery he became into born and defeated the odds of becoming the face of football in the 21st century.

Despite his incredible achievements, the Portuguese striker is considered one of the two big names in modern football, recognized by experts as a favorite for the title of greatest footballer of all time.

Here are 10 reasons CR7 can be considered the greatest footballer of all time.

1. He has incredible goal statistics for club and country

In October 2019, CR7 hit the headlines with 700 career goals. This made him the sixth top scorer of all time. Most of the goals Ronaldo has scored were for his club. He has scored 6 goals for the different clubs he has played for. Ronaldo scored 607 goals while at Real Madrid in La Liga. Ronaldo has scored 450 goals under the direction of renowned EPL Manchester United coach Alex Ferguson.

With 95 goals, he is also the second ever top scorer for the national team and the all-time top scorer for the Portuguese national team. In the UEFA Champions League, Europe's best club tournament, Cristiano Ronaldo scored 127 goals, making him the all-time top scorer. Ronaldo also set other records that no other player broke. In the 2018/19 Champions League final, Ronaldo became the first player to score in three consecutive UEFA Champions League finals - a milestone. At his current club, Juventus, he continued his form as a goalscorer and respected the fact that he is one of the best in the world in football.

2. He won trophies for the country and the clubs he played with

Like a badge of honor, every athlete wants a trophy. No matter how skilled or excellent a footballer is, without a trophy there is one major limitation to his or her recognition and success. Cristiano Ronaldo understands this fact. The Portuguese soccer player has won 28 trophies in his career, a testament to his unique skills and impeccable zeal for success. From his national team to the various clubs he was allowed to play for, Ronaldo has left his mark and won at least one trophy.

At Sporting Lisbon he won the Portuguese Super Cup. After moving to Manchester United, he won the English Premier League three times and the FA Cup once. He also won the UEFA Champions League once with Manchester United and the FIFA Club World Cup. His most successful season in terms of trophies was at Real Madrid, where he won La LaLiga twice, the UEFA Champions League four times, the UEFA Super Cup twice and the FIFA Club World Cup four times. In his first season at Juventus, he won Serie A and the Italian Super Cup. He won the Euro 2016 with his national team.

3. It has a catalog of individual laurels

In addition to winning trophies, Ronaldo has won several individual prizes. These awards include the Ballon d'Or, which he won three times, the FIFA Ballon d'Or, which has been won twice, the FIFA World Player of the Year, which has been won once, the best FIFA men's player, the Ballon d'Or of the FIFA Club World Cup, which was awarded to him once. He has won three UEFA Player of the Year awards and two Champions League forward of the season.

4. He was a director with constant success

One important factor that experts refer to when a discussion emerges about the greatest of all time, a showdown between Ronaldo and Messi, is the fact that Ronaldo has been successful at every club he has played for. Since joining Manchester United at current club Juventus, Ronaldo has made the headlines for his incredible achievements. After joining the Italian club, Ronaldo managed a hat trick to get his side out of a two-goal deficit and beat Atletico Madrid to advance to the quarter-finals of the 2018/19 season. It's just a way Ronaldo showed he was the best no matter where he played.

5. He is determined to be successful

Ronaldo has what we call solid determination to be successful. The Juventus star recalls a time when he was skinny early in his career and paused in games. This unwavering determination to succeed led him through a rigorous exercise regimen during which he built both his muscles and height. This rock-solid class determination has also led him to work extremely hard on his skills, which creates magic every time he steps on the field.

6. He scores high quality goals

A consistent goal is an attribute of a better striker, but the quality of those goals gives us an insight into the goalscorer's unique abilities. It's not enough for Ronaldo to score goals, but to score those goals in a remarkable way that he remembered years after leaving the field has always been his motive. One of his most famous targets was a UEFA Champions League quarter-final against Juventus in the 2017/18 season. Ronaldo kicked a bike into the opposing team's 18 yard box to score his second goal of the game. The perfection of his acrobatics and his aim was so wonderful that the fans of the opposing team, Cristiano Ronaldo, applauded for his brilliant moves.

7. It's versatile in action

Most footballers have recognized their strengths and built on those strengths to become the best, and Ronaldo is no different. But one thing the Portuguese did too is that he didn't rely on just one force. The Juventus striker is versatile in the use of different body parts when playing. His left foot, right foot, and header delivered some of the best goals of his career.

8. He has excellent team coordination skills

Like most footballers, Ronaldo is an inspiration to his team. Ronaldo acknowledges this, and so in games where he faces loss, Ronaldo always had high hopes and inspired his team to do the same and in some cases it has worked in their favor.

9. He has speed like a wild cheetah

Whenever CR7 runs with the ball, it can be compared to a wild cheetah that has been without food for days. Ronaldo's speed made it difficult for most defenders to catch up with him during sprints. As one of his unique skills, he has used his speed to accomplish some of his best goals.

ten. He's a remarkable print manager

The sage says that in times of turbulence we admire those who have done the best in times of similar peril. This applies to all successful footballers. In games where fans hope for unexpected goals, Ronaldo has been under a lot of pressure. Thanks to his wealth of experience, the Portugal international has mastered the art of ignoring these pressures. He performed excellently under heavy pressure, not curling up under such stresses, but playing with an open and resourceful mind.



There you have it, our top 10 reasons why Cristiano Ronaldo is considered the greatest footballer of all time. Why do you consider Cristiano Ronaldo the best footballer in the world? Please let us know in the comments section below.