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Vivaldi 3.8: Chromium browser blocks cookie windows and FLoC

The Chromium browser Vivaldi 3.8 from Vivaldi Technologies for the PC and Android now blocks intrusive cookie windows (“pop-ups”) on request and should thus contribute to trouble-free surfing on the Internet. There are also new panels and icons as well as transparent tiles and individual backgrounds.

Filter lists against cookie windows

Vivaldi 3.8 uses the two third-party filter lists "EasyList Cookie List" and "I Don’t Care About Cookies" to block a large part of the often annoying pop-up windows asking for consent to save cookies on various websites.

The function called "Cookie Crumbler" is part of Vivaldi's own tracking and advertising blocker and can be expanded to include additional websites if you accidentally get a cookie dialog box and disturb the user while surfing. Vivaldi 3.8 goes one step further on the PC and blatantly takes on Google.

Google's FLoC has to stay outside

In the desktop version, the “Cookie Crumbler” also blocks Google's latest “spy tool” FLoC, which enables the creation of user profiles and the tracking of users through machine learning and thus entirely without cookies. Vivaldi Technologies is resisting Google's "Federated Learning of Cohorts" and locks it out completely.

In addition to Vivaldi Technologies, the developers of the Brave browser, Mozilla and the operators of the free search engine DuckDuckGo are also opposing the collection of user data using FLoC-ID.

Revised panels with transparency

In addition to minor changes to bookmarks, mouse gestures and "Quick Commands", the panels of the browser in particular have been revised and now shine with adjustable transparency and new icons. In addition, the panels can be provided with individual backgrounds and have thinner frames.

Further innovations
  • Disable Mouse Gestures: Just like Keyboard Shortcuts, Mouse Gestures can now be turned on and off in Quick Commands.
  • Add "Extensions" to Quick Commands: The previous version bolded the keyword when searched for in Quick Commands. From now on, users can now open extension pop-ups through Quick Commands by just typing in the extension’s name
  • Show menus for extensions through Quick Commands: This lets you show menus for extensions you have installed via quick commands. You could already do this without quick commands. So it adds power to QC.
  • Open tabs outside of stacks with quick commands: This is just being able to assign a new keyboard shortcut (or gesture or use quick commands) to open tabs outside of stacks when you are in a stack.

Download on ComputerBase

Vivaldi 3.8 can be downloaded as usual from the ComputerBase download archive directly below this message.

The editorial team thanks community member "PERKELE" for pointing this out.


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